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Best FL Studio Alternatives For Windows and Mac OS 2020

FL Studio is the king of audio production software and most people admire its excellent work. However, there are other audio production software that are quite good, they're detailed in this article.

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FruityLoops, also known to be FL (studio) over the years has been one of the most outstanding music composers, this software lets you create music instrumentals with extraordinary tones and beats. You will find top producers using this software, and it’s arguably the best.

When it comes to quality beat making or normal musical sounds only one software does that better and it’s always the one that comes to our mind. We all know everyone loves FL studio cause of what it offers, but the cost of getting the full software worries at times, Therefore today’s article will give you insight on some of the alternatives to FL studio.

If you find FL studio quite expensive or have the feeling of trying something different, you can check some of its alternatives that will be listed below and you need to keep note that some of these software’s are paid just like FL studio, some are free as well and they come with limited features.

List Of The Best FL Studio Alternatives For Windows & Mac OS

1. Audacity

FL studio alternatives

Audacity can be your breakthrough to buying FL studio software, the first taste of experience on Audacity will leave your mind blown away and probably convince you on the choice you want to make, whether its buying FL studio or sticking to Audacity. Audacity is a unique music software just like FL studio and this software comes free with handy features.

While having this at your fingertip, you definitely have some of the top features you will get on FL studio for free on Audacity, it’s a good audio production software that will let you edit and compose music any time you want, and it’s a perfect alternative to FL studio.

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2. Avid Pro Tools

FL studio alternatives

Avid pro tools is another top-notch audio production software that possesses extraordinary features just like FL studios, although you won’t find this software with the tagline Free, it cost a few bucks but it worths buying and if you really want to try something different when it comes to using an audio production software, then Avid pro tools is there for you to give a try on.

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Avid pro tools is available to users who run 64bit on either Windows or Mac OS, this software makes editing or creating of audio much easier, this software comes in three different variants and they are Pro Tools First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools Ultimate. each has different benefits in terms of what they offer, but for a starter, it is advisable to start with Pro Tools First.

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3. Ardour

FL studio alternatives

Ardour is one of the best FL studio alternatives you will find around nowadays, first you don’t have to worry about how much it costs or how much it charges per monthly use. With as low as $1 you will enjoy Ardour to the fullest. Ardour is one of the lightweight audio production software you will come across.

You can use this software to acquire deep knowledge surrounding music, the tones and instrumentals involved, and also you can use it to make audio productions or editing too. This software is not versatile enough compared to others. But like I said it’s a lightweight software and it does come in handy as a perfect alternative to FL studio.

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Finding your self interested in starting audio production or want to test your skills on some of the things you have learned, well the perfect software is right in front of you and that is LMMS, this is one of the best free audio production software that will let you create and edit music files and it’s features are much okay. Very easy to use and user-friendly as well

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With LMMS you can perform some tasks and finish them off with the free amazing features it offers, this software is like a pathway to going for a bigger audio production software, because once you have used it and see how good it is, you will definitely want to purchase an expensive software to further your knowledge.

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5. Goldwave

Many software programs are considered as an alternative to FL studio, one of them is Goldwave, might not be the most popular of all but this particular software has been around since 1993 till date. Goldwave is a wonderful audio production software and it’s packed with some of the most advanced features you will find on FL studio.

If you need a software that works just like FL studio, then you should consider Goldwave and even Goldwave is quite good in audio analysis, you can get this software for as low as $45 for its lifetime package. Gold wave is a perfect alternative to FL studio and it delivers brilliantly.

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6. Reaper

Reaper has proven to be one of the finest audio production software in past years, and even till now it’s quite unbelievable what this software offers to anyone who gives it a try, it might not be as known as FL studio, but it’s a good alternative to FL studio. Reaper is not free, it’s a paid software and it comes at two different prices, you can pay $60 for the discounted license and also $225 for the commercial license.

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Before purchasing, there is an option to use the software for 60 days on trial before making a purchase, but I’m sure you will be convinced enough to buy the software in full. This is one of the standout audio production software you can try if you can’t afford or have no interest in FL studio.

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7. Cubase

When comparing audio production software, only a few software has same options as Fl studio, Cubase is one of those Fl studio alternatives you will use and wouldn’t have to think of FL studio, Cubase is known for having lots of sound effects and other effects that make the production or editing of music sound awesome.

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Cubase costs $100 and it worths the price once purchased, it’s the perfect audio production software you need and a perfect alternative to FL studio, Cubase comes with mind-blowing features and some of these features are even on FL studio, using Cubase won’t make you think of FL studio.

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8. Traverso DAW

Traverso DAW is one of the coolest audio production software that will let you compose music, edit music and it also allows you to record directly into a CD, this software though is not as bulky as the ones listed above it, and that doesn’t really make it a pro software, but still better to use as an audio production startup.

Traverso DAW is free to use and doesn’t have any fixed charges applies to it, there is a lot you can do with this software, there’s the freedom to compose and edit freely, you can even burn your projects directly to a CD file and listen to hear how good your work is. Traverso DAW is one of those software programs you will consider as an alternative to FL studio.

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So far these are the best alternatives to FL studio, we all know FL studio to be the king of audio production software, but there are other great software programs just like it and these software programs are the ones you will find here, they all have different features and they deliver brilliantly.


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