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10 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android 2020

Keeping the eyeballs safe is a major priority, And screen brightness from Android device has been a major source in damaging the eyeballs, These screen dimming apps can help you fight that.

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The eyes are one of the delicate parts in a human body, and exposing them to too much light rays coming from our Android device is not that healthy. And while some Android device has options for brightness reduction, it’s never enough for what the eye needs.

Therefore today’s article covers some of the best screen dimmer apps you can use on your android device, these apps are well recommended for the safety of the eyes, so take a look at them as we make compilations below.

Let’s delve right into it!

List of the Top 10 Best Screen Dimmer Apps for Android

These apps will help you gain control over your Android screen brightness, and with them, you can even use the lowest screen brightness at your own convenience. Each one of these apps has different features that come with them, and while some are free, some has paid features as well.

1. Screen Filter

Screen filter is one of the screen dimmer apps that offers protection to the eyeballs through your Android device screen, this app creates a shade on your Android device and this shade works as a dimmer to help keep your eyes from getting hurt. You can always use Screen filter during any activities on your Android device, and it also helps in saving battery.

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Screen Filter Features

  • Lets you gain easy access to change brightness levels
  • You can control how your screen brightness changes based on places you enter and also changing from time to time
  • It’s a free app

Screen Filter
Screen Filter
Developer: haxor industry
Price: Free

2. Dimmer

Dimmer is one of the trending screen dimmer apps on google play store, so far there have been good ratings and reviews on this particular app, if you want to get the best-dimmed screen option on your Android device, then you should look forward to getting this app installed on your android device. It’s free and has no ads.

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One of the reasons why there has been so much positive review on this app is that it is user-friendly and finding your way around its settings is not confusing. This is one of the best screen dimmer apps for Android device.

Developer: genie.jang
Price: Free

3. EasyEyes

Easyeyes is the perfect solution to bright screen occurring on low brightness settings, this app will easily help in controlling how your screen brightness operates, its methods are quite different when it comes to dimming screens, and you don’t have to worry about pains occurring in your eyeballs when you stare at your Android device screen at night.

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You can use this app to control your Android phone screen brightness and it will help in making sure you sleep better at night, you don’t need to wear shades with this app installed on your Android device.

EasyEyes Features

  • Easy to turn on/off
  • Turns on automatically for sleep or sunset
  • It filters screen temperature and gives warm lighting
  • User-friendly

Developer: PalmerinTech
Price: Free

4. Dimglo

Dimglo is one of the best ad-free screen dimmer apps for Android device when we talk about getting the best brightness app that saves the eyeballs from luminous screen, you can always rely on dimglo to deliver. This app doesn’t require applying any settings before it works perfectly for you, it adjusts brightness at any time.

If you have been having issues with your screen brightness affecting your eyes at night, you can be rescued with dimglo screen dimmer app, this app has free features that are mostly found on paid apps.

5. Night Owl

Night owl is a premium screen dimming app that lets you read through your phone at night without getting tired, this app is the perfect solution for sleepless night after a long period of starring through your phone screen, with night owl, your problems are solved easily and your eyes will be in perfect condition.

Night owl offers some features like display backlight dimming, applying blue light filter and also advanced colour filter. This app will help in terms of avoiding eye strains and headaches when using your Android device at night or in a dark environment, it’s one of the best screen dimming app you will find on google play store.

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Night Owl - Screen Dimmer & Night Mode
Night Owl - Screen Dimmer & Night Mode

6. Dimly

When it comes to running late-night activities on your Android device, it’s not advisable to have the brightest screen light entering the eyeballs, and this can cause damages that won’t be noticed immediately. That is why Dimly is one of the best screen dimming app that works perfectly at night.

You may find your self-playing games or watching movies at night on your Android device, Dimly will help you adjust your screen brightness to the best possible way and this will tender no damage to your eyeballs, this app is very helpful.

Dimly - Screen Dimmer
Dimly - Screen Dimmer
Developer: Ricardo Solano
Price: Free+

7. Night Screen

Night screen is another awesome screen dimming app for Android phones, actually one of the newest app around and it’s been working perfectly across all android smartphones, This app main goal is just like the ones listed above and below it. Giving you the lowest screen brightness when using your Android device at night.

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You can use Night screen on any Android device running Android OS version 4.4 and above, Night screen also comes with features that make using the app really easy at night, you don’t have to worry about aches occurring in your eyeballs anymore. Night screen if one of the best screen dimming apps to help you out.

Night screen
Night screen
Developer: Arrows app
Price: Free+

8. Blue Light Filter

Chronic headache, insomnia and sleepless night are never healthy for the human body, and the more occurrence means more damage to the body system and also the eyeballs, These are mostly caused by the blue light our eyeballs absorbs from our Android phone at night.

With Blue light filter app, we can easily regulate how our Android device screen displays at night or when in a dark environment. This app is really useful and it will protect your eyeballs once you have activated it to take control over your Android device screen brightness, it’s one of the best screen dimming app for Android users.

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9. Twilight Blue Light filter

Just like every app listed above, Twilight blue filter offers the same features and protect the eyeballs from blue light that comes from the Android device screen, this app is free to use and doesn’t require any special settings before it can work on your android device.

It will help you optimize your screen brightness to the lowest at night, and you will be able to do any activities at night without the need to increase screen brightness, Twilight blue light filter is one of the best screen dimming apps to use on Android.

10. Night Mode Screen Dimmer

The last on the list is another good screen dimming app for Android, this is one of the best apps that work effectively at night and it also offers 100% protection to the eyeballs, when considering the best screen dimmer apps for android, you should never missout adding Night mode screen dimmer to the list.

It has features that make it one of a kind and this app also saves battery life on Android device, you can always trust it to deliver the best screen brightness optimization for you at night.


After spending few of your time reading about these screen dimming apps for android, you might be left indecisive on which one you should install, well they all offer the same goal and picking one as your favourite should not be that hard. These are the best screen dimming apps you can install on your Android device at any time.

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