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Best Naija Games for Android (Nigerian Mobile Games) in 2021

Everyone love games, and as a Nigerian, you would like to also play games developed by your country people. Here are the best Made in Nigeria (Naija games) for Android which you can download and enjoy playing right now.

Today, we’ll be looking at the best Naija games for Android which you can download and enjoy playing. Everyone love games, and as a Nigerian, you would like to also play games developed by your country people.

Of course, there are lots of Nigerian Games out there but to know the best, and which to play might be hard for you, and that’s the reason why we’ve made our research and brought to you the best Nigerian Games for your Android smartphone.

Without further ado, let’s delve right into our list of the best made in Nigeria games for mobile!

List of the best Naija games for Android

Below is the list of the best Nigerian Games for Android to play. These games have got lots of downloads on the Google Play Store, with good reviews, so surely you’ll enjoy playing them.

1. Naija Whot

Naija Whot is an amazing and exciting, card game which can be played by all. This game is very simple to play, and you can easily win when you finish your cards before the beast in your palm. Naija Whot is one of the best Naija games for Android that keeps one comfort, and also keeps the mind focused.

Naija Whot is developed with artificial intelligence which keeps it challenging all the time. This game offers you awesome features such as the; QuickPlay Mode, Tournament Mode, and Multiplayer Mode, which you either play online or offline. You can download now, via the link provided below.

  • Download Naija Whot

2. Naija Ludo

Ludo is a classic dice game, which is played with four pieces per player and a set of dice. As kids, and teenagers, most Nigerians played this game on a wooden or glass structured board, and now it has come for mobile, so you can easily download and play this game on your Android phone.

The Naija Ludo game, at the moment, do support two players with two houses each. In this game, each player controls eight pieces, and the final goal of the game is to move all eight pieces home before your opponent. If you do this, then you’ve secured your place as the winner of the game.

Naija Ludo
Naija Ludo
Developer: Tonielrosoft
Price: Free+

3. Ayo

Ayo - Naija Games for Android

Ayo is a popular strategy board game that originated in West Africa, played by mostly the  Yoruba, a tribe in Nigeria. This game is surely engaging, addictive, and has got a lot of fans. The objective of this game is to win all houses, also known as holes, on the board. You can do that by capturing many seeds in each round.

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Ayo game has got a demo guide that shows you how to play, in a case that you’re either a newbie in the game, or you’re not familiar with the rules. You can call this game in other names such as; Awari, Oware, Adi, Awale, Woaley, Wari, Ncho, Ouri, Adji, Ogedesi, Uko. Download Ayo game below.

Developer: Taytronik Inc.
Price: Free



As a Nigerian Kid, most especially those who lived or do live in ghetto areas, you must have played this game physically with other of your friends. Well, in the mobile game, you get to be the police, therefore you’ll have to chase (with your police vehicle), and catch thieves or other bad people.

Download Police Vs Thief 3 and become the hottest police officer in the town, turn on your police light and siren, chase and catch some bad people. Police Vs Thief is one of the most popular and best police games for Android. There are a lot of in-game replay features to share your best moments with.

Developer: Joga Loca games
Price: Free

5. Keke On The Run

Keke is one of the most used means of transportation on land in Nigeria. This vehicle comes in mostly yellow colour, and with Keke On The Run Android game, you can experience the life of a Keke driver in Nigeria and have fun doing so. This is one of the best Naija games for Android.

Keke On The Run is a highly addictive and fun driving Android game in which your goal would be to avoid hitting other numerous vehicles on the road and also collect fuel cans that’ll increase your game score. In the game, the faster you complete a particular level, is the higher your bonus will be.

Keke On The Run
Keke On The Run
Price: Free

6. Aboki Run

Aboki Run is an endless adventure game, which is the Naija Version of Subway Surfers Android game. Here, you’ll help Danjuma, Gbenga & Chinedu to escape the evil forest they’re trapped in, and get back to the city. There are many obstacles on the way, and you must avoid colliding with them.

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In the Aboki Run game, you have to gather and collect a lot of cowries, and coins, as much as you can, so you’ll have money to purchase new items and kits for more runs. Crash into parties to escape the lurking dangers. Get to see different kinds of spirits and other creatures that’ll want to stop you.

Aboki Run
Aboki Run
Developer: Maliyo Games
Price: Free+

7. Lagos City Run

Lagos City Run

Lagos is one of the most populated and crowded cities in Nigeria, and such will be hard for law offenders to escape the police when been chased. Lagos City Run is an amazing fast-paced fun running game through the ever-busy city of Lagos. Run, and try to escape the police.

This game is centred on the police in pursuit of teens, youths and party lovers who tend to violate the law that is against streets been closed down because of parties or ceremonies. Now as an offender, you get to run and avoid been caught by the chasing policemen, or else you fail.

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Lagos City Run
Lagos City Run
Developer: Grish Interactive
Price: Free+

8. Nigerian League

Nigerian League is an awesome football game, developed for Nigerian football fans. In this game, players can choose to play either single-player mode, double player mode, or tournament mode. In this game, all teams have got their own time and strength. You can choose from any of the 21 available teams.

Nigerian League allows you to choose which team you want to represent, their formation, and time duration for all games that’ll be played. Here, you’ll get rewards for any match you win, and you can buy new teams and formations with those rewards gotten. You’ll surely enjoy playing this game.

Nigerian League
Nigerian League
Developer: InfinityApp Inc.
Price: Free+


There you have it, the best Naija games for Android devices which you’ll enjoy playing. You can easily download these Made in Nigeria games on your Android smartphone via the Google Play Store, and get playing. These games are free and void of any kind of virus, so be rest assured that you’re perfectly safe when playing them. Like this article? Then share with your fellow Nigerians so they’ll also benefit. Enjoy!

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