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Best Beat Making Software for PC (Windows and Mac) in 2022

If you're searching for software to create amazing beats and sound effects for your songs, here's a list of the best beat makers or PC.

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This article helps you discover a list of the best beat maker for PC. Beat maker software allows you to create amazing musical tunes and sound effects for music. So if you love making music you’ll need to create nice beats and sounds to go along with it, since most music-making apps do not offer features to create good beats and soundtracks.

Seeing as there are lots of beat maker software out there, most of which come with premium services that are quite pricey, I’ll focus on covering a list of free beat makers to help you cut costs. This software can be used both on Windows and Mac PCs, and since they’re free, they’ll allow you to experiment a lot with a ton of beats and sound effects to create better music.

It does not matter if you’re a newbie musician or songwriter with roughly no idea about how to use this software, they offer easy-to-understand guides and a straightforward user interface to help you quickly grab how to work their features and functions. Therefore, this article on Naijaknowhow will provide a list of the best free beat maker software for PCs. Without further ado, let’s get started.

List of the Best Beat-Making Software for Windows & Mac PC

Using the beat maker software listed below, you should be able to create awesome beats, soundtracks, and amazing sound effects for all your songs. These software programs are the best beat maker for PC.

1. FL Studio

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FL Studio

Although FL Studio software is a fully premium tool to make beats, it had to be listed here, as it is actually the best PC software out there to make beats. This is a full-fledged music-maker tool that comes with all features and functions you may need to create good and simple music. So if you can afford to pay its subscription fees, it’s advisable to go for it.

FL Studio allows you to bring your musical ideas to life, hence making astonishing hits. This software offers a lot of features that lets you capitalize on enhancing the quality of beats, soundtrack, and effects you may want to use for your song. If you’re a beginner, you’d quickly become a pro music creator after a while when making use of this tool.

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2. MuseScore – Beat Maker for PC

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As one of the best makers for PC, this software allows its users to create excellent beats for songs quite easily. MuseScore has a very large user base, making it a reliable tool for all music lovers. This software offers both free and premium services. You’ll find that there are limited features when using its free package, while the premium service packs all basic and advanced features.

MuseScore will let you record and edit your recordings, and also allows you to download and save edited pieces to any format of your choice. This software comes with a beautiful and easy-to-understand user interface. It offers all essential features and tools to let you create musical beats and sound effects. For a beginner, it should be very easy to learn its features.

3. DrumFlow

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Best Maker for PC

DrumFlow is another credible beat maker software for PC. Using it you should be able to create amazing musical beats and soundtracks for your songs. Drumflow also offers both free and premium services for all its users. If you’re looking to get access to all its features and tools, then it’s advisable to subscribe to its premium version.

DrumFlow software does not come with a sophisticated user interface, but it is quite simple and easy to understand even if you’re new to making beats and creating music. Drumflow is supported on both Windows and Mac PCs so it does not matter which OS you use, you will get to experience and enjoy the services this tool has to offer. You’re also allowed to adjust the tone and pitch sounds of any song using this tool.

4. orDrumbox – Beat Maker for PC


orDrumbox is a totally free beat maker for PC. Yes, you do not need to pay a dime to make use of this software. It comes with a lot of amazing features for creating music and making excellent beats, all of which can be used for absolutely free. This software comes with a user-friendly interface that allows its users to explore its features quite easily.

You should know that orDrumbox is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, hence the seamless operation it comes with. You are not only able to make music beats with this software, but it also helps you edit music beat files and save them as a file to either your local or an external storage device. There’s absolutely no reason you should not try out this tool if you love music.

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5. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker

This a lightweight beat-making software to create astonishing music beats and soundtracks on PC, hence its ability to be able to run on a 521 MB graphics card and a 2GB RAM device. Magix Music Maker is absolutely free to use but it only supports the Windows OS. It comes with a lot of features that not only help you make beats but also allow you to create simple music.

Magix Music Maker is a very popular tool amongst most music creators and songwriters, hence its credibility to make awesome musical tones and beats. This software helps beginners with a tutorial to guide them in the art of creating good music using all the tools it offers. Magix Music Maker software surely comes with a ton of useful features.

6. LMMS – Beat Maker for PC

Beat Maker for PC

LMMS is a free but advanced beat maker software to use on your PC. This tool is available for download in Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. You do not need to pay to use any of its features. LMMS software does not come with a beautiful or understandable user interface, but the features it comes with, surely make up for that.

You may also use this software to create sample tunes to experiment with when making music. LMMS allows you to download and save the final piece of your creation in whatever file format you desire to use. If you want to be able to make good beats and sound effects for your song, then you may want to try out this software.


The above listicle contains the best beat-making software to use on a PC. This software program will let you create amazing and good music with the best sound effects and beats to go alongside. Whilst some offer both free and premium services, others are quite totally free to use. So if you’re a die-hard music lover, then you should try out any of these tools in your free time. Cheers!

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