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6 Best PS1 Emulators for Android Devices in 2022

This article contains a list of the best emulators to play PlayStation One games on Android for free.

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Emulating PS1 games with the best PS1 emulators for Android devices has been an act that isn’t new. These days we’ve seen people emulate games and most games people emulate are mostly PlayStation Games.

We’ve seen different emulators take the center stage over the years, from Xbox Emulators to PS4 Emulators and some old retro games emulators like Nintendo 3DS Emulators and so on.

PS1 games are epic and if you’ll like to play them once more without an actual PlayStation 1 console, you’ll need to use an emulator for it. We’ve handpicked the best PS1 emulators for Android in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow.

List of The Best PS1 Emulators for Android Devices

The emulators that are listed below will let you play PS1 games on your Android device and if you want to play PS2 games as well. You can check some of the best PS2 emulators out there, a good PS2 emulator is DamonPS2 Pro.

1. ePSXe

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PS1 emulators for android

ePSXe is a great option, the controls also feel slightly off compared to the original PlayStation controllers. Still, if you can get over these issues, ePSXe is a good choice for gamers who want to play classic titles from Sony’s first console on their mobile devices.

ePSXe is a freeware PlayStation 1 emulator. It’s stable, easy to use and comes with plugins that allow you to load games from CD or from your computer. You can also save and load states at any time during gameplay, which means you can save just before entering a boss fight. ePSXe is an open-source application, so it’s constantly being improved by user contributions and it is one of the best PS1 emulators for Android devices.

2. FPse

PS1 emulators for android

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FPse is another good PS1 emulator for Android devices, but FPse does have a few disadvantages. It’s been around for ages, so there are many more other games that aren’t compatible with it than there are compatible. Also, not all Android devices run it smoothly without glitches and lagging.

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However, if you can find a compatible game and smooth gameplay on your device, FPse offers an experience comparable to PlayStation 1 gaming experience. While the emulator is old, it can still play some PS1 games perfectly and it has stable graphics.

3. Xebra PS1 Emulator

Xebra PS1 Emulator

Xebra is one of the best PS1 emulators for Android devices available right now. It can play many games with excellent performance. You might need to tweak a few settings on your device in order to get it working perfectly but once you set it up correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of classic PlayStation titles on your smartphone.

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Just like other emulators, Xebra is also very easy to use, which makes it ideal for new users. Xebra PS1 Emulator supports over 500+ different PS1 games and it has cool features like saving and loading games without reaching a save state in any game you’re playing.

4. Mednafen


Mednafen is one of the best PS1 emulators for Android devices and the emulator is a good choice if you have an older device as it uses very little memory. As Mednafen only supports Playstation 1 games, there is no other program needed to load ROMs. The interface isn’t as pretty as others, but it’s simple and does get the job done.

One of its most attractive features is that it includes support for networking so players can play with their friends and family. If you enjoy PS1 games and you’ll love to play them once more, then you should definitely check out Mednafen, it’s an ideal emulator for playing PS1 games on Android.

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5. DuckStation

DuckStation Emulator

Another best PS1 emulator for Android devices is DuckStation. It doesn’t have a huge library of games like other PS1 emulators, but it will play any game you throw at it. It’s compatible with keyboard and gamepad controls and has excellent sound quality.

If using a controller isn’t important to you, then I highly recommend trying out Duckstation anyway. It’s free and it works great. It also comes preloaded with ROMS, which makes things much easier if you don’t want to go searching around for them yourself. You can choose from over 1,000 different games in its built-in library.

6. RetroArch

PS1 emulators for android

RetroArch is one of the best PS1 emulators for Android, it is one of the most robust emulators on Android. The app includes on-screen controls and is extremely user-friendly, if you want to try your hand at classic PlayStation games, RetroArch is perfect for you.

The emulator has another solid feature that’ll allow you to save game states as well as customize how your controller works. This app also has support for touchscreen input and hardware controllers like MOGA Ace Power, iCade, etc. The developers are constantly updating it with new features so expect even more in future updates.


If you have an Android device, and if you’re a PlayStation fan, there’s no doubt that you want to play some of your favourite PS1 games on it. With the emulators that have been listed above, playing PS1 games has become easy henceforth.

The emulators listed above are the best PS1 emulators for Android devices, you can check some of the related emulator articles below.

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