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8 Best Screenwriting Software for Windows/Mac (2023)

Looking for the best screenwriting tools for your Windows or macOS PC? Here's a list of the best screenwriting software for screenwriters.

Whether you are a professional screenwriter or just starting out. You’ll need the best screenwriting software if you want to bring your ideas to life. While there are plenty of screenwriters out there, it’s kind of hard to know which one is good enough.

Screenwriting is important in most entertainment production, it’s just like teleprompting where you have to use the best teleprompter software on your PC.  Writing a screenplay can be a difficult task, but with the right tools, it can be a lot easier. That’s where screenwriters come into play.

In this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve handpicked the best screenwriting software for Windows and macOS.

List of The Best Screenwriting Software for Windows and macOS

There is a lot of software for screenwriters, some of which are quite expensive, and some are quite advanced. But the real scope is getting the one that works perfectly and meets demands. The list of screenwriting software that has been handpicked below is the best you can use.

1. Final Draft

Best Screenwriting Software

As a screenwriter, one of the best screenwriting tools to keep your job professional is Final Draft. This is an advanced screenwriting tool that offers a lot of features. Final Draft comes with a wide range of features, some of which include automatic formatting, script reports, character and location management, and real-time collaboration tools.

One of the reasons why Final Draft ranks high as a screenwriting tool is that you can use templates. There are free templates for different types of plays. You’ll get free templates for TV, film, and stage scripts. The cost of acquiring Final Draft is quite huge, but it is a great screenwriting tool you should bank on.

2. Celtx


Another screenwriting tool you’ll love to use is Celtx. Celtx is widely used in areas like screenplays, films, videos, stageplays, documentaries, machinima, games, and podcasts. The software includes features for creating screenplays, storyboards, and schedules, making it a one-stop shop for all your pre-production needs.

Celtx also has collaboration features, so you can work with other writers and share your work easily. The software is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering more advanced features. Celtx is one of the best screenwriting software for screenwriters.

3. Movie Magic Screenwriter

Best Screenwriting Software

Movie Magic Screenwriter is a professional screenwriting tool and one of the leading alternatives to Final Draft. This tool has handy features and while most are limited to free users. Paid users can explore the full capabilities of Movie Magic Screenwriter. There are over 100 free templates to explore from Movie Magic Screenwriter. There’s a lot you can use this tool for.

Just like most screenwriting tools, Movie Magic Screenwriter also allows real-time collaboration, it also comes with a text-to-speech feature. Movie Magic Screenwriter will handle any type of project you want to use it for. It has a user-friendly interface and that makes it very easy to use.

4. Scrivener


Despite the different numbers of Scrivener alternatives out there, it is still a leading screenwriting tool and that’s because of the features it offers. Scrivener is very popular among writers, novelists and screenwriters. The best part of using Scrivener is that you don’t get to pay a hefty fee compared to others.

Scrivener offers different features including a virtual corkboard for organizing scenes, a powerful outlining tool, and a distraction-free writing mode. Scrivener is also highly customizable, so you can set it up to work the way you want. Scrivener might not be designed for screenwriting, but it’s one of the best screenwriting software for PC users.

5. WriterDuet

Best Screenwriting Software

If you’re a screenwriter and you’re looking to collaborate with other screenwriters, WriterDuet is a great option for you. WriterDuet allows multiple writers to work on a script simultaneously and offers real-time commenting and revision tracking tools. WriterDuet also offers formatting tools, including free templates, and the ability to import and export files in a variety of formats.

When comparing the pricing from most screenwriting tools, WriterDuet is one of the most affordable. Basically, it can be used for free. But if you want to get your hands on more features, you’ll need to upgrade your plan. WriterDuet is very easy to use, if you need recommendations for a collaborative screenwriting tool, WriterDue is your go-to option.

6. Trelby


Trebly is a great option if you have no budget for a screenwriting tool, Trebly is free and open-course. The only downside to using Tredbly is that it is available to Windows and Linux users only. macOS users who want to use Trelbly can consider using a virtual machine software like VirtualBox to run this software.

If you’re worried about hidden or paid features, Trelbly is completely free and open to any user. The software includes a range of features for formatting and organizing your screenplay, including templates, a scene navigator, and revision tracking. Trelby is also highly customizable, so you can set it up to work the way you want. If you’re looking for one of the best screenwriting software that is free, Trelbly is a great option.

7. Fade In

Fade In

Fade In comes with autocomplete features that’ll complete a word or sentence for you. This feature is popular amongst word processors like Microsoft Word and TextMaker. Fade In is a top-notch screenwriting tool that comes with a lot of features, you’ll find customizable templates, and it allows users to import and export files of different formats.

Fade In is also very similar to WriterDuet, it offers collaboration features. You can work with other writers and share your work easily. The software is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering more advanced features.

8. Highland 2

Best Screenwriting Software

Highland 2 is a minimalist screenwriting software that focuses on writing and editing. Its features include an automatic formatting tool, a screenplay navigator, and customizable templates. Highland also offers import and export tools for a variety of file formats.

Unlike most expensive screenwriting tools, Highland 2 is actually very affordable, it also has a spot for free users. One of the outstanding features of Highland 2 is the interface that’ll keep you free from distractions. Highland 2 is one of the best screenwriting software for screenwriters.


Overall, these are the best screenwriting software you can use as a screenwriter. All these tools have their respective features, you only need to try them out one after the other. Then pick the one that works best for you and get a paid version to enjoy better features.

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