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60+ Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria To Help You Get Started With Blogging

Choose from the best and most relevant list of blog niche ideas in Nigeria to help you get started with your blogging adventure...

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This post contains more than 60+ blog niche ideas in Nigeria you may choose from to kickstart your blogging career. See Naijaknowhow.net list of blog niche ideas to help you get started with blogging!

Having listed blogging niche ideas to help you get started with your blog, here are a couple of blog niche ideas in Nigeria you might want to lay your hands on even if you have no idea where and how to get started with choosing a super cool niche for yourself.

Making money directly from your blog is also very important so you should consider how to monetize your blog niche before ever proceeding to create/start your blog. In Nigeria, you can create blogs on…

C.S.A >> means CAN STAND ALONE; these niches can stand alone or be used with a couple of other sub-niches so as not to overcrowd your area of focus. 

M.S.A >> means MUST STAND ALONE; these niches should be a niche on its own, don’t combine with other niches because of its complexity. They must stand alone and not be combined with other sub-niches.

Tech Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria (Technology)

Tech-Focused Future

If you will blog within the technology niche, then you can pick among the few more sub-niches (C.S.A Niches) listed below to supplement whatever you intend to feed to your readers. Technology covers everything enlisted below.

1. Android tips

(C.S.A) I listed this as a stand-alone niche, you can provide useful android tips to, how to guides to your readers, they can as well come in handy. Yomiprof & Naijaknowhow are ideas of such blogs.

2. Phone reviews

(C.S.A) Before people buy new phones, they want to know what to expect, how their desired phone will behave, where it lags and what makes them stand out. Since people want to know, helping them review these phones can be very interesting if you took it up as a hobby, blog on phone reviews can further be taken to Vlogging (Video Blogging);

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You can go as far as presenting them with phone unboxing, prices and specifications via YouTube by creating a channel to supplement all the details you could have published in your blog. Product pre-purchase reviews can help your readers know what to expect before they end up purchasing them.

3. Phone specifications/reviews

(C.S.A) Phone specifications and phone reviews can be done together, share on your blog different phone specification and review. This can help readers know how good and efficient their devices are before buying.

4. PC solutions

(M.S.A) You can render PC solutions guides to your reader, this is a very interesting and demanding niche, it’s also a great way to make money blogging. You should get engagements on such blogs because people constantly experience problems with their computers.

5. Mobile Hacks

(C.S.A) There a lot of young Nigerians that want to get cheats, tricks and hacks. Why not capitalize these hungry youth needing mobile tricks,  your passion for this is very important to survive in this type of niche. Believe me, you will get a lot of queries in this niche.

6. Tech News/Gist

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(C.S.A) Covers phone news, tech news and lots others stories gathered from the world of technology.

Entertainment Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria


I can openly tell you that this niche has been crowded, there are the Bellas, Linda Ikeji, Legit (formally Naij) and the likes in this niche. This is really not the coolest and most productive of all niches but still this shouldn’t stop you from exploring. Who knows? you could as well surpass your contenders if you have something entirely different to offer. The entertainment niche can cover everything below, but I’ll advise you to focus only on two/three sub-niches to supplement it.

1. Gist & Gossips

(C.S.A) you can focus your blog on gist & gossips, give your readers relevant updates on the latest stories surrounding the world of entertainment.

2. Celebrity gossips

(C.S.A) Also, you can centre it around celebrities, a lot of Nigerians likes to know what’s new about their favourite celebrities, so having your niche enveloped by celebrity gossips isn’t a bad idea. e.g; lindaikeji blog, bellanaija.

3. Music reviews & Video reviews

(C.S.A) Reviews could be carried out on music and videos that have been released as long as musicians keep producing then this niche will keep writing reviews. Give this niche a trail, plus you combine with music & video promotion too.

4. Lyrics

(C.S.A) Writing and publishing Music lyrics is what they do, people in this niche converts audio clips to lyrical piece for its audience to read, copy and paste. This niche is truly unique and should be given a try.

5. Music and Video Promotion

(C.S.A)sites such as naijaloaded.com should act as a motivating factor here. this niche is not too crowded yet… there are still lots and lots of opportunity with fewer competitors. This niche only helps you to promote up and growing artiste music videos and audio.

6. Music & Video Critics/Appraisal

(C.S.A) Constructive criticism is allowed, this also is another area that isn’t too crowded in Naija, this is basically criticism, appraisals, analysing and spitting your opinions on just-released music, movies and music videos. Give this a shot if you’re a music enthusiast.

7. Music & Video Downloads

(C.S.A) You may as well offer your audience a medium to download music and video. This niche is crowded though “dem no dey catch latecomer”. Examples, notjustok.com, naijaloaded.com

8. Comedy

(C.S.A) This is for the comical ones among us, if you have a passion for comedy, you can get people to laugh by posting hilarious articles, comedy video and so on. Look at what Mark Angel Comedy has done, from absolutely nothing to something! Wake up!!!

Education Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria

yabatech gate

Education blog can carry all the other sub-niches below excluding “How to guide”. Education blogs can earn you a lot in Nigeria considering the fact that students these days find it really hard to sit and study, the rate of people seeking for university education is getting too much because of the level of strictly examination rules, principles and methods. The UTME is currently computer based and that alone is another area you can help a lot of tech-savvy students with how to write a computer-based exam. Explore this niche and am sure you would thank me later.

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1. School Blog

(C.S.A) this can vary specifically — you either blog about universities, polytechnics, colleges, professional diploma institutions, secondary schools or primary schools. Share with your readers gists, trends, news and s many other fascinating stories to keep them reading.

2. How To Guides

(M.S.A) Wikihow.com is an example of such a blog, no much story told… others are howtodothings.com, etc


(C.S.A) Your blog should focus solely on NYSC, help people with rightful information on NYSC, how to go about service, camp life, useful experiences and many more. There are a couple of such sites already online, Google them to see what they do and how they do them.

4. Examination

(C.S.A) Share useful examination guide, how to pass examinations easily, GCE examinations, JAMB, WAEC and other professional examination. Monetizing such blog could be done by providing compilation questions for students in return for money.

Business Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria

uba bank building

The business niche is so rich with very strategic monetizing ways, you can make millions of Naira blogging in this niche even though it’s crowded. If you think you have something extra to distinguish you, then do not hesitate to kick off, there is a chance for everyone. Look at the sub-niches in this niche, it is left for you to choose from whether you will combine a couple of (C.S.A Niche) to make one major business niche for your blog.

1. How to get a job

(M.S.A) why not teach people how to get a job easily on your blog. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in Naija, solve this problem for Nigerians and you’d be surprised how much money you can earn doing this. This can serve as a platform to begin with. Check out jobberman.com for inspiration.

2. How to travel overseas

(M.S.A) I prefer you to do this as a stand-alone, because of its complicated nature. People find it difficult with acquiring a travel Visa if you think you know a lot about travelling, visa applications and the likes. Then teaching people how to go about this can come in handy. Get them useful tips and in return, you should get money for your help.

3. How to start a business

(M.S.A) We are talented entrepreneurs here in Naija, people engage a lot in sole enterprises. You can help the newbies with useful tips on how to get started. With the high rate of employment in Nigeria, blogs blogging on this can be very useful in terms of creating job alternatives for unemployed graduates.

4. Business news

(M.S.A) This should only cover news in the business niche, share news and trends on the latest info in the biz world.

5. Blogging tips

(C.S.A) Such niches can be done together with a couple of other niches, this is where you help the tech-savvy with blogging tips on how to get started with blogging. Provide them with how-to guides on solving blogging issues.

6. How to make money

(C.S.A) If you think you know a handful of money-making ideas both online and offline. Then you in for serious business, this niche can make you millions provided you make sure you get a lot of worried and un-employed youths out of the streets.

7. E-commerce

(C.S.A) You may as well create a blog that provides sales service. Selling items online via your blog is a lucrative way to make money online. Don’t dull, see more details on making money via e-commerce here.

8. Services

(C.S.A) You can create a blog based on the services you provide, write and publish articles to promote the service you provide. There are a handful of different services you can lay your hands on. It solely depends on the one you offer. Create a blog around this niche and see you excel on it.

9. Best deals and promos

(C.S.A) Such blogs usually bring together the best deals and promotions around the country. A lot of Nigerians likes freebies, promo, and cheap deals. You can bring this together in one place by serving them useful and trending deals.

10. Writing services

(C.S.A) I’ve seen blogs that only provide writing service, I just have to tear it out from the service niche to further explain this. If you have a passion for writing, then your blog can cover how-to guides on how to be a better writer, writing a blog post, creating one or more useful blog writing services. Your readers will enjoy this, believe me. Making money on this blog is very easy after you’ve created honest readers that trust your works. You can choose to sell eBook of “how to guides/manuals” etc.

Fashion & Beauty Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria


Fashion and beauty blogs are rare n Nigeria but in recent times, a couple of fashion blogs have emerged, perceiving how Nigerians don’t joke about their looks, it’s a good platform to start with. You can release a bunch of beauty tips on your blog, teach them how to get started with it, how to guide on doing one or two things and a host of pictures displaying ideas of finished works. fashion blogs are usually feminine but who said guys don’t do fashion and beauty. As a matter of, if you venture in this type of niche as a guy, believe you me… you will blossom than the ladies.

Focus solely on one.. fashion or Beauty, although a blend of the two works just perfect. “beauty goes alongside fashion” so host em together.

1. Fashion

(C.S.A) if you are so good at fashion tips, style and what’s trending in the world of fashion then take to blogging to express your ideas and views. Nigerians are so fashion-crazy and having a place where they know they can a bunch of different trends in fashion is a good idea to get started with. you can feed your audience with clothing brands, styles, traditional attire, how to dress and so on.

2. Beauty therapy

(C.S.A) beauty therapy is another aspect of beauty and fashion.. this focuses only on beauty therapy, how to treat or take care of the skin, face, hair and body in whole. If this is a profession you run professionally and wants to take to blogging. just go ahead and do it cause, you’ve successfully acquired yourself a very useful and rare niche. You can sell beauty items in this niche as a means of monetizing your blog.

3. Fashion and beauty

This is a blend of beauty and fashion… both works together just fine.

4. News, Trends and gist

(C.S.A) your blog can also focus only on the news, you can choose to post the latest news surrounding the world of fashion.

5. Celebrity fashion

(C.S.A)This is another area that seems strange, this is when you’ve taken to expose only your celebrity fashion sense. your audience will find this interesting when you do things like this.. for instance; you can create an article like “Look At What Annie Idibia wore to the Headies Award Night”. Such articles usually pull a lot of attention and traffic.

6. Street fashion

(C.S.A) Street fashion is another sweet sub-niche under fashion you can start. The street is where fashion truly lives,.. such blogs only focuses on how people dress on the street.. snap, write about all sorts of dresses… job wears, traditional attire, party wears and lots more, you can also request for picture shots of events attended by your audience so you can simply write, rate and publish it. Air your view about what they wore, with such… you can start to build a community where your audience interacts with you and others.

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News Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria


News is a piece of information not previously known to the entire public/someone. A blog is a good place to start sharing information, gossips, gist, happenings, events etc. starting from your neighbourhood, locality, LGA, town, state, country, continent and the world at large. Below comes sub-niche under news you can direct your blog in. Most news blogs usually cover all stories but each category can be well done by focusing on just one.

1. Sport News

(C.S.A) this is a very popular niche in the blogosphere, there are a lot of sports blogs that covers sports news, such are goal.com, espn.com, and more.

2. Politics

(C.S.A) politics is a world on its own can be solely written about, this type of blogs talk about politics, scandals, corruption, voting and more. Just focuses on updates surrounding the political atmosphere.

3. Football News

(M.S.A) Football is the biggest sport in the world, even if you’ve taken to the sporting niche.. the football arena must also stand alone. this is because there is a lot of attention given to soccer.. you can write about a lot, such posts can cover the world cup, champions league, Bundesliga, Seria a, English premier division, La Liga etc. Give this a try if you love soccer too much.

4. Tech News

(C.S.A) technology-based news can interest your audience because they get to know the latest in the tech environs. post useful articles, trends, new devices and stories surrounding the world of technology.

5. Beauty and Fashions News

(C.S.A) your blog can also focus only on beauty and fashions news, you can choose to post the latest news, events and stories surrounding the world of fashion.

6. Nigerian News

(C.S.A) your blog can also focus only on the news in Nigeria, you can choose to post the latest news, happenings, events, and lots more surrounding Nigeria.

7. Africa News

(C.S.A) your blog can also focus only on the news in Africa, you can choose to post the latest news, happenings, events, and lots more surrounding Africa.

8. World News

(C.S.A) your blog can also focus only on the news in the world, you can choose to post the latest news, happenings, events, and lots more surrounding world.

9. Education

(C.S.A) students want to know what is happening within their school environment, capitalize on this and create a blog that only focuses on the news in education, you can choose to post latest news, admission, UTME, WAEC, NECO & GCE examinations, happenings, events, and lots more surrounding education.

Sports Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria

sport b3tting

This is a very popular aspect of blogging, there are a lot of blogs in this niche and therefore be ready to face stiff competition excelling in this niche. Sports events can be talked and discussed in the following ways listed below. You can choose to focus on a particular sports event because each of the different sports is complicated and covers a lot. Your blog can be circled around basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, etc. It all depends on your passion.

1. Football analysis

(C.S.A) emphasizing on football as a sporting event, you can choose to focus on analyzing soccer games around the world. Europe is a good place to start with because it showcases the most popular leagues in the world.

2. Football stories

(C.S.A) emphasizing on football as a sporting event, you can choose to focus on just football stories, happenings, transfer rumours and events on games around the world. Europe is a good place to start with because it showcases the most popular leagues in the world. However, having a blog that features grass root sports isn’t also a bad idea.

3. Match previews and reviews

(C.S.A) emphasizing on football as a sporting event, you can choose to focus on match previews and reviews on games around the world. Europe is a good place to start with because it showcases the most popular leagues in the world.

4. B€tting tips

(M.S.A) football b€tting tip is a serious business considering the fast-rising number of b€tting sites that have emerged in Nigeria. Since Nigerians like to get useful help on how to win big b€tting in Nigeria, your blog can solely focus on sports prediction, tips, hot picks etc on games around the world. Europe is a good place to start with because it showcases the most popular leagues in the world.

Other Blog Niche Ideas In Nigeria (Food, Relationship etc.)


1. Relationship tips/advice

(M.S.A) Such blogs aren’t so popular in this part of the world because of the nonchalant attitude in Nigerian men and women, although people that experience a lot of relationship problems and newbies into the relationship game will find your blog useful.

2. Family

(M.S.A) this type of blog concentrate on family building help, tips on how to manage and maintain a great family. taking care of the home and so much more. Are you a mother that practically sits at home all through, this is an idea to get yourself busy, start teaching people how to manage the house, simple family building tips, taking care of children (from your experience) taking care of dishes, laundry and more.

3. Food

(M.S.A) I know a couple of blogs that do strictly food. What they do is post a lot of how to prepare different types of foods articles, Why you should eat a particular type of food and why you should not eat some type of foods etc. Information about food is just too many, and people will continue to find those types of information relevant as long as they continue to eat! create a blog around this niche and see how much people will be your readers. You can offer services such as food and catering services as a way to monetize it.

4. Health

(M.S.A) this is also another niche for professionals, if you have studied anything related to health in school then you can survive exceedingly well in this niche. You can teach people different types of health tips, ethics to help them improve their health, teach them how to take drugs responsibly etc.

5. Community

(M.S.A) this can be circled around any niche. A community brings people of similar interest together, it could be a sports community, fashion community, food community, education community or website design community etc.

6. Career Blog

(M.S.A) A blog niche can be chosen to teach and expose secrets to the newbies on how to succeed in a particular field and career. Such blogs can be architecture blogs, accountant’s blogs, engineers, surveyors, computer scientist, builders and much more.

These blog niche ideas in Nigeria literally doesn’t guarantee you instant money, it would still require you to follow certain measures before making a dime. The Tech, entertainment and business niche is currently crowded with a lot of bloggers doing absolutely the same thing. I can read the same news found on Nairaland on so many other websites.

Plagiarism is what a lot of bloggers engage in which isn’t helpful to the blogosphere. Originality and relevancy matters a lot, create a blog that your readers will resourceful and exciting. Be the boss in it or hire professionals to do certain tasks to keep up the pace.

Wishing you all the best in your blogging endeavours. Comment box is open, we’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions if you’ve idealized any blog niche not included above.

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