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Best Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows 8, 10 & 11 PC (2022)

Are you looking for Android emulators like Bluestacks Emulator for Windows? Here's a list of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives for Windows PC.

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If we look at all the Android emulators out there, from old to new and dead to active. We’ll see that Bluestacks emulator always comes out as one of the Best Android Emulators for Windows & Mac PC.

There’s no doubt about the efficiency of the Bluestacks emulator but these days, you’ll need a strong PC to run Bluestacks, even a PC with 4GB RAM finds it difficult to run Bluestacks these days and for a scenario like that, one can result to Lightweight Android Emulators.

We’ve gathered some of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow. Just in case you feel like trying out a different Android emulator aside from Bluestacks emulator, then this article is the perfect one you need to read.

List of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows 8, 10 & 11

These emulators are completely free and you can use them to run any Android apps and games for free, some of them are perfect for playing high-end Android games and also good for multitasking, with that being said, let’s take a dive into some of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives.

1. Gameloop (Best Bluestacks Alternatives)

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Best Lightweight Android Emulators

Gameloop has redefined the native way in which Android games are being played on PC, if you’ll like to enjoy Android games on your PC without any issues, this is the perfect emulator you need to have. Although an emulator like Gameloop requires a good PC to run perfectly, still it’s way better than Bluestacks in some aspects. Gameloop isn’t developed for playing games alone, you can also run Android apps on it and it’s a smooth emulator.

Gameloop is a perfect alternative to Bluestacks, it has cool features and offers a top-notch gaming experience when you play Android games on it. You can download this emulator for free and it works for Windows 8, 10 and 11.

2. Nox Player

Nox Player

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Nox Player is another very popular emulator for running Android apps and games on PC for free, this emulator is very powerful and it has a lot of features that make running Android apps easy, you can multitask on Nox Player and it. Nox Player isn’t quite a complicated emulator like Bluestacks and if you’ve ever imagined if an emulator can be rooted, well it can be done on Nox Player and that’s one of the features that give it an edge over Bluestacks.

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Nox Player runs on Android 9 and it has the latest patch and security updates from Android. It’s a stable OS and you can use it on Windows and Mac, Nox is very fast and it runs smoothly when being used.

3. LDPlayer

Best Lightweight Android Emulators

LDPlayer is a lightweight Android emulator and it’s arguably one of the best you can use on a low-end PC, the emulator requires at least 3GB RAM for it to work and it supports both 32bit and 64bit architecture. LDPlayer supports old and new Intel and AMD processors and that’s one of the reasons why you’ll want to use this emulator on your Windows PC.

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LDPlayer has a very simple interface and if you’re using this emulator for the first time, you’ll not find it complicated to use. It’s user-friendly and has some of the best features that’ll enhance playing Android games on Windows PC, LDPlayer is one of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives and you can download it for free.

4. Genymotion

Best Bluestacks Alternatives

Genymotion is a very old Android emulator and if you’re wondering what an emulator like this could be doing in a list of latest and high-end Android emulators. Well, Genymotion has something most new emulators don’t have and that’s the Android 4.1 OS version that comes with it, this emulator is very good for trying out some old Android apps and it’s an emulator you can root easily if you want to perform tweaking activities.

To use Genymotion on your PC, you’ll need to download the Genymotion Virtualbox alongside it. The emulator has a very old user interface and it runs old games perfectly. Genymotion is a recommended alternative to Bluestacks only if you want to test old Android apps and games.

5. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is another outstanding Android emulator and it’s one of the best for Windows PC, this emulator uses Android Studio Technology and it’s a tool you can use to test Android apps and also play games. It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the emulator has cool features you might not really find on Bluestacks and it’s very good for playing lightweight Android games. Remix OS Player is very stable despite not being in development anymore.

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If you’ll like to do basic Android activities on your PC and you’re looking for an easy emulator rather than Bluestacks, you can download Remix OS Player because it’s one of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives.

6. MEmu Play


When picking an Android emulator or any of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives out there, it’s kind of hard to omit MEmu Play because it’s also an outstanding emulator and it has a lot of features as well. This emulator is very good for running Android apps and games smoothly and it’s one of the lightweight emulators you can install on your old Intel and AMD CPUs. MEmu Play runs on Android 7.1 Nougat and it’s very good for playing Android games like Free Fire and so on.

If you’ll like to consider using an Android emulator on your Windows PC and you’d consider your RAM space, then MEmu Play is one of the few emulators you can consider. It might not be as powerful as Bluestacks, but it’s a good alternative to Bluestacks.

7. MuMu App Player

Best Bluestacks Alternatives

The Android Emulator and also one of the Best Bluestacks Alternatives that I’ll really like to talk about is MuMu App Player or Emulator. It’s a very fast Andriod emulator that you can use to run Android games and apps on both high-end and low-end PC. This emulator is really fast and it has a lot of cool features, you can download it via online and offline installation.

MuMu is very good for playing Android games, it offers higher FPS up to 120FPS and it also makes aiming smooth. It improves game graphics as well and it doesn’t consume much RAM space.

Conclusion (Best Bluestacks Alternatives)

With the Bluestacks Alternatives that we’ve listed in this article, I hope you’re able to try out a different emulator that’ll work smoothly on your Windows PC. These emulators are perfect and also well recommended for running Android apps and games on PC.

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