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How to Bypass WinRAR Password Protected File (2023)

If you want to know how to unlock WinRAR password protected files on PC. Here's a guide on how to bypass WinRAR password easily.

Have ever wondered how to bypass WinRAR password-protected files before? Well, most people usually give up anytime they download a RAR file and discovered it’s passworded. Since there’s no password to unlock it, the file is as good as useless.

WinRAR is one of the best file extractors for PC. It can also be used to create archive files in formats like rar and zip. One of the best features of using WinRAR is that you can protect any files with a password. But what happens when you’ve forgotten the password you used on that WinRAR file?

There’s a way to solve that, and that’s through WinRAR Password Unlockers. Well, there’s an alternative method that works best as well. In this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll learn how to bypass WinRAR password-protected files easily.

How to Bypass WinRAR Password Protected File

There are different methods you can use to override WinRAR passwords. We’ve picked the 2 working methods you can use. But depending on the type of security that was implemented while creating the WinRAR file, most of these methods might not work. But there’s always an option to try, so let’s begin.

Method 1: Bypass WinRAR Password While Using Notepad

Firstly, you need to know there’s a low success rate for using Notepad to unlock any password-protected WinRAR file. But the good news s that, Notepad is very good for editing and creating text files, so what it does is it will help remove some strings in any WinRAR password-protected file. Follow the steps below if you want to know how to bypass the WinRAR password with Notepad.

Step 1: On your PC, locate the WinRAR file that you want to unlock the password. Right-click on the file, then select Open With. Choose Notepad as the default option you want to use to open the file.

Step 2: Once the file opens in Notepad, on the top menu, click on Edit. Then look for the option that says Replace. Click on it. Now Replace Ûtà with 5^3tà and ‘IžC0 with IžC_0. Once the strings are replaced, then save the file.

Step 3: After you’ve completed the whole process. Now go back to the file you want to unlock and click on it. If the process works, WinRAR won’t prompt you to enter a password and if it doesn’t, try another method.

Method 2: Using CMD to Unlock WinRAR

CMD offers another way to bypass WinRAR password easily. This method works majorly on files created with WinRAR or any type of RAR file. You’ll need to create a .bat file with Notepad and with the help of CMD, you’ll be able to unlock WinRAR password. Follow the steps below to bypass WinRAR password with CMD.

Step 1: Launch the Notepad app on your PC, then copy the code below and paste it as a new document on Notepad. Then save it as a .bat file on your PC. You can copy the codes below.

@echo off title WinRar Password Retriever copy “C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Unrar.exe” SET PASS=0 SET TMP=TempFold MD %TMP% :RAR cls echo. SET/P “NAME=File Name : ” IF “%NAME%”==”” goto ProblemDetected goto GPATH :ProblemDetected echo You can’t leave this blank. pause goto RAR :GPATH SET/P “PATH=Enter Full Path (eg: C:\Users\Admin\Desktop) : ” IF “%PATH%”==”” goto PERROR goto NEXT :PERROR echo You can’t leave this blank. pause goto RAR :NEXT IF EXIST “%PATH%\%NAME%” GOTO SP goto PATH :PATH cls echo File couldn’t be found. Make sure you include the (.RAR) extension at the end of the file’s name. pause goto RAR :SP echo. echo Breaking Password… echo. :START title Processing… SET /A PASS=%PASS%+1 UNRAR E -INUL -P%PASS% “%PATH%\%NAME%” “%TMP%” IF /I %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 GOTO FINISH GOTO START :FINISH RD %TMP% /Q /S Del “Unrar.exe” cls title 1 Password Found echo. echo File = %NAME% echo Stable Password= %PASS% echo. echo Press any key to exit. pause>NUL exit

Step 2: Once you have created the file, save the file as .bat. Now double-click on it, once it launches, you’ll see the CMD window appear instead. Now you’ll need to enter the name and location of the protected WinRAR file.

Step 3: After you’ve selected the file, wait for CMD to start cracking the WinRAR passworded file. The whole process might take up to a minute or less, depending on how big the file is or how the password was created.


That’s the easiest way to bypass WinRAR password. While these methods might prove to be effective, they might not work on some files. Before you create any password on your archived files, always make sure you use a password that can be remembered or recovered easily.

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