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China Prepares 6G, 8,000 Times Faster than 5G

Beijing - China's Ministry of Science and Technology announces preparations for future network development, 6G. Learn more!

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology announces preparations for future network development, 6G. In the opinion of some experts, the speed of 6G can reach 1TB per second, or about 8,000 times the speed of 5G.

Citing Gizchina, China has formed two working groups to develop research on 6G. One group consists of executives from relevant sector ministries who are responsible for supporting the efforts of the second group, which is purely technical.

The second group consists of 37 experts from universities, research institutes and technology companies.

Research and development are still at an early stage, considering that 5G is still in its infancy. However, to develop a new generation internet network it takes around 10 years. 6G technology is planned to be introduced in 2030.

According to Dr. Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam of the University of Sydney, 6G networks can theoretically offer speeds of up to 1TB per second or 8,000 gigabits per second.

This speed will open the door for a completely new type of internet use and revolutionize the relationship between humans and technology.

The 6G era, for example, can offer a new perspective in terms of brain-computer interface. For example, it is possible to use the device ‘through our brain’, Shirvanimoghaddam explained.

As an illustration of daily internet use, 6G is able to download more than 142 hours of high-quality video per second.

However, over time, researchers must still remove significant obstacles to achieve this goal.

“This 6G speed will require a significant increase in materials science, computer architecture, chip design and energy use… We must think of a safe way to supply all these devices without risking burning the Earth,” Shirvanimoghaddam said.

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