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How to Create a Digital Signature (MS Word/PC/Mobile)

Learn more on how to create a digital version of your signature online -- digital signature / e signature / electronic signature.

A digital signature is a signature that is done in writing and then converted into a digital version. In a digital signature, you can add a stamp as usual so that your digital signature is authentic. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a digital signature online.

If you are often confused about how to make a digital signature, especially in Microsoft Word, here Naijaknowhow know-how tips on how to make a digital signature in MS Word, PC and on your mobile device.

Let’s delve right in.

How to Create a Digital Signature in MS Word

  1. Open the Microsoft Word page where you want to sign it
  2. Place the mouse pointer on the part you want to sign
  3. Click the Insert menu, select Text, click Signature Line list, then click the Signature Line option.
  4. A signature setting box that must be filled in appears, such as “Full Name”, “Position”, “Email Address”, and “Instructions”
    how to create a digital signature on ms word
  5. Fill in the command box as required.
  6. A box for signature will appear, place your cursor on the signature box and then right-click on the signature line.
    how to create a digital signature on ms word
  7. Select menu, then Sign
    how to create a digital signature on ms word

    • If you want to add a printed version, click the X and write your name
    • If through a signature image, click Select Image, then Select Signature Image, and look for a signature image

How to Create an Online Signature on a PC

Create a Digital Signature Online via PC

Online signatures are made through electronic devices in person, without being stamped as a valid marker. Therefore, the use of online signatures only applies to certain documents.

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If you want to sign online from computers and laptops, all you need to do is visit an online signature provider site. Here’s how to make an online signature on a PC that you can try.

  1. Visit the site www.onlinesignature.com
  2. Select the Draw Signature menu in the top right corner
  3. Then the Draw Your Signature box will appear
  4. You can start putting signs using the mouse or touchpad on the laptop
  5. Click Clear to delete and redo the signature
  6. After the signature is complete, click Save
  7. Then click Download Signature

How to Make an Online Signature on a Mobile Phone

Adobe Fill & Sign app

You can also do an online signature from your smartphone! You only need to download the application and sign the document online.

‎Adobe Fill & Sign-Form Filler
‎Adobe Fill & Sign-Form Filler

Check out how to make an online signature on the following smartphone!

  1. Install the Adobe Fill & Sign application on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app then click on the Pen icon and select Create Signature.
    Adobe Fill & Sign
  3. A signature box will appear that you can draw by touching the phone screen.
  4. Then select the Select a form to fill out from the menu.
    Adobe Fill & Sign
  5. Select From PDF File if the document is in PDF format.
  6. Select From the Photo Library if the document is an image.
  7. Choose Take a Picture if you want to shoot a document.
    Adobe Fill & Sign
  8. After selecting, you will go to a page to edit.
  9. Tap on the pen logo on the top right to add a signature.
  10. Tap again on the hand that has been made.
  11. Then set the position and size of the signature according to the fields provided in the document.
  12. There you go… the digital signature is complete.
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That’s how to make a digital signature that you can try with easy steps, either through a smartphone or a computer. So you don’t need to scan the signature again. I hope you found this useful? If yes, then don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. A share on any social media platform (via the social buttons below) would be highly appreciated.

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