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Does Android Q Come With A Dark Mode?

Are you tired of Android 9 after a few months then here are the first news about Android Q already, including a dark mode for all apps.

After Android Oreo and Pie, it is the turn of the letter Q to give the new Android operating system a name. Will it be Android Quiche? Nothing is certain, but what seems more or less certain is the presence of a dark mode in Android Q.

Technology website XDA today announced in a message that it has received a very early build of Android Q. In that build, there is a dark mode that applies to all parts of the system. Do you suffer from painful eyes when staring at a smartphone or computer screen, then you are lucky. If an app does not have a dark mode, this new feature will still apply, according to the XDA tests.

Google also seems to be working on some sort of desktop mode for this update, because there is an option in the developer menu that points to this. Whether we will encounter this option in the final release is still unknown. Currently, this feature is not working yet.

Google also closes the network around using location data in the background and now gives users the option of not allowing this when an app is working in the background.

Furthermore, there are some accessibility functions that you have to make life easier as a user. For example, there is the option ‘Time to read’ and ‘Time to take action’, but how they will have an impact on notifications is not entirely clear yet.

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