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Android 9 Pie is Official: Everything You Need To Know!

Google officially announced the next Android operating system called Android 9 Pie. The update for the latest Android is ready. Continue reading to learn more!

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Google officially announced the next Android operating system called Android 9 Pie. The update for the latest Android is ready to be released in a stable form and will be available for download on Pixel devices — These are Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

Meanwhile, devices from OEMs that are part of the beta program with Google will get updates before the end of autumn this year. GSM

Android Pie is the ninth major release of Android and the successor to Android Oreo last year. This update introduces several new features especially around the use of machine learning to make your phone smarter.

Adaptive Battery

One feature is the Adaptive Battery, which can calculate which applications you use less and cut the power of the application to make your battery last longer.

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Similarly, the Adaptive Brightness feature will automatically adjust the screen brightness with your current location and what you do on the device.

Android Pie


Another use of machine learning is to make tasks that are often done faster. Slices are a new feature where applications can enter themselves into your search, so you can perform tasks faster.

For example, if you are looking for Uber on the Google application, Uber will display Slice with the Home or Office option, and you can choose one of them as a quick way to order a taxi to that location.

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Another example is the App Actions, which includes quick actions in-app launchers at certain times of the day based on your activities.

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You will see a button to adjust navigation quickly to work in the morning or start a track list when you plug in your headphones. This will increase when you use a cell phone.


Android Pie also introduces new system navigation. The three buttons at the bottom are now replaced by two buttons in Overview mode, which can be done simply by swiping from the bottom up in any application.

Smart Text Selection feature

You can interact with the Overview window content without having to switch, including copying text and pasting it using the updated Smart Text Selection feature.

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Not only that, the Notification has also been updated, with a new circle icon and an expanded preview for messages with the smart reply option.

Digital Wellbeing feature

This year, Android devices will also get Digital Wellbeing features, which include a new Dashboard that tracks your application usage and manages App Timers to prevent excessive applications and also Wind Down that turns on Night Light and Do Not Disturb, and turns the screen to ashes gray, so you don’t use your smartphone excessively before going to sleep.

These features can now be downloaded on Pixel phones by registering for beta, and other phones will get it later.

Here are the full features of the Android 9 Pie.

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