Find Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspot With Facebook WiFi Discovery Feature

Facebook Wi-fi Discovery allows users search for Free and Public WiFi hotspots from within the App/website..


Facebook is more than a social network where people only meet to socialize, it now has amazing features that allows you to perform unbelievable things. You can now buy and sell on Facebook, shop, and do much more.

Facebook WiFi Discovery

Facebook has introduced a feature called Wi-fi Discovery that allows users search for Free and Public WiFi hotspots from within the App/website.

The new feature called Wi-Fi Discovery is being tested and is designed to highlight places where Facebook users can get access to free and public Wi-Fi places. This feature is now available for iOS users and the testing is available for some selected countries but should be available worldwide by next month.

A Facebook spoke person confirmed this “To help people stay connected to the friends and experiences they care about, we are rolling out a new feature that surfaces open Wi-Fi networks associated with nearby places.”

How Can I Access it on iOS?

  • Update your Facebook App to the latest
  • Navigate to menu option, locate the “Enable Find Wi-Fi.” Toggle the settings so its turn on and the app will automatically detect the nearby free Wi-Fi.

Note: For the Facebook WiFi Discovery feature to work, you have to activate your Location.

This new feature is awaiting global roll out. What do you think about th, is it RELEVANT or IRRELEVANT?

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