Apple’s FaceTime Service Can Now Be Accessed On Android And Windows


Apple in the event titled Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year has announced a number of new things, one of which is the presence of the Link feature for FaceTime services.

It seems that Apple wants to introduce its FaceTime service to more users because recently, other services such as Zoom to Google Meet are more widely used because they are richer in features.

With this, Apple also announced the presence of the FaceTime Link feature that allows Android and Windows users to join FaceTime conversations by accessing a link via a browser.

To use this feature, first-time FaceTime users on iOS and Mac devices must first create a room. Then there will be a share link button that will display a link to join the room from any platform.

Certainly, this will help users who want to have video conversations but not all members who join have iOS devices or Macs.

Unfortunately, Apple did not reveal when the Link for FaceTime feature was launched. But most likely this feature will be present along with the launch of iOS 15 which will be released in the next few months.

Not only FaceTime Link, but Apple also brings other features for FaceTime such as grid view options, sound isolation features, to the Portrait Mode filter so that the user’s background display becomes blurry.


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