Twitter Launches Twitter Blue Subscription Service, Here’s What You Need to Know!


After a lot of rumours and speculation, Twitter has finally gone ahead and announced that they are launching a new subscription tier on the microblogging platform dubbed Twitter Blue.

The subscription model comes with many additional features that will make the whole user experience much more pleasant and comfortable compared to the free version.

According to India Times, Friday (4/6/2021), Twitter Blue allows users to customize their Twitter screen according to their vibration.

Twitter Blue

Regardless of the black-blue or white-blue colourway, Twitter allows users to choose from a variety of colours including peach, purple, pink, green, orange and two-tone pink-blue. You can also change the colour of the Twitter icon.

With subscription tiers, you’d expect Twitter to bring users an ‘edit’ button, but it doesn’t. In fact, what it does provide is that it gives you a 30-second window to prevent tweets from being sent.

Once you hit send on a tweet, it will wait for 30 seconds, giving you the option to cancel it during that time.


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