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Foldable Smartphone From Samsung Will Be Unveiled This Week

After rumors about a foldable smartphone at Samsung, the disclosure seems to be a fact. This way a suspicious logo appeared on Facebook.

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Last week we were introduced to the first foldable smartphone. It came from the factories of the lesser-known company Royole and did not immediately look very promising. Meanwhile, rumors circulated that Samsung was also working on a foldable smartphone. The company has now confirmed these rumors by posting a special photo on Facebook.

A few months ago, the CEO of Samsung explained at a developer conference that it was working on a foldable smartphone. After announcing the profit figures for the third quarter last week, a Samsung employee announced that it would show some new UI functions. The functions would be specific for improving multitasking on a folded smartphone and opened tablet.

In order to put all this power, the company still showed the above picture on Facebook, where you see that the logo of Samsung is folded, as it were – although it seems to be rolled up earlier in my eyes. Full assurance that Samsung will actually come up with a working test model at its conference later week is not there yet.

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