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Glo Data Bundles Has Been Slashed To Half The Original Size

Glo internet data plans has been reduced in size to half the before size. Continue reading for more »

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The month of April has not been the most favourable for Internet users all over Nigeria as Glo reduces data size 2x it’s initial size.

Have you been an ardent Glo internet data users? There is BAD NEWS!!!

Glo recently just slashed their data price half the original which means, you will get half of what you use to get when you subscribe for any Glo smartphone data plan. (Click here to see a compilation of all GLO data plans in Nigeria)

This month seem not to be the best for internet users especially me. I’m seriously upset about this reduction because Glo has been like a life safer when it comes to data plans in Nigeria.

Here are what the data rates now look like.

Glo went From

  • 1.6GB for ₦500
  • 3.2GB for ₦1000
  • 7.5GB for ₦2000
  • 10GB for ₦2500
  • 12GB for ₦3000
  • …and more


  • 1.6GB for ₦1000
  • 3.75GB for ₦2000
  • 5GB for ₦2500
  • 6GB for ₦3000 etc

Just dial *777# to see for yourself!

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Apart from the bad news from Glo, you should also bear in mind that Airtel has recently just cancelled it’s ₦100 weekend data plan, mean while, Ntel has reviewed and increased all their data plans (MTN, 9Mobile, Ntel and other 4G providers)

Looks like there’s a beef going on among mobile Internet providers! Apparently, Glo and NTel seem to offer the cheapest data plans for smartphone and PC users.

What could be happening folks because I’m in complete disarray!

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