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Google’s Allo App Set To Compete With Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp

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How many have come across this new Google Allo messaging app? This is the newest app developed by Google to bring in more fun conversation, privacy and automation.

This app is the real deal, because it practically helps you to solve certain queries via the Google assistant. Google assistant is indeed very intelligent to get you instant response to problems. It source for the right answer and then feeds them to you right away without having to exit the app.

Coupled with the Google smart assistant, Allo App also helps you to respond to your messages. This is called “Smart Reply”. Without typing a single word, Allow can intelligently keep a conversation going for you. Isn’t that sweet?

This app has enticing features like new and cool smiley to help you express your emotions without typing a word, photos can be doodled right on this same app. You can express yourself even more by sending important information in lager fonts., this feature can be used to speak things louder or quiet while on a chat with someone.

Since privacy is important, Allo app features an end-to-end encryption that guarantees you optimum security. Chats can go privately with an end-to-end encryption just like you’ve got on WhatsApp. It keeps the conversation between you two. You can also use private notifications to keep your chats away from prying eyes.


Where to download Allo App » Type and Search For “Allo” on Google PlayStore or click here register/download.

Is this app good enough to overtake WhatsApp and Facebook messenger?

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