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Free Google Meet, Zoom Users Interested?

Starting this May, Google began to free their video conferencing services for all Google account holders, namely Google Meet. Ready to block Zoom users?

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Starting this May, Google began to free their video conferencing services for all Google account holders, namely Google Meet. Ready to block Zoom users?

Previously, Google Meet was only accessible to people who had signed up for a corporate solution, G Suite. But it seems that along with the increasing need for virtual meetings, Google is taking the right step when the current Corona pandemic conditions.

As a premium product, Google Meet can attract potential users with the lure of stability and quality compared to free services.

“Today Google Meet, our premium video conference product is free for everyone for the next few weeks,” said Google’s Vice President & GM of G Suite Javier Soltero, quoted from Google’s official blog, Friday (1/5/2020).

Yes, Google has so far made Google Meet free from May to 30 September 2020.

This video call service is also limited to 60 minutes, 20 minutes longer than Zoom. And the number of video conference participants involved up to 100 people.

Google Meet, which used to be known as Google Hangouts Meet, has recorded over 100 million active users daily and adding about three million new users every day.

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That number is still nothing with Zoom which has reached the reach of 300 million active daily users today.

Other video conferencing services also felt the ‘windfall’ during the Corona pandemic. Last month, daily active Skype users rose 70% to 40 million.

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