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Google Presents Job Search Features

Google presents a new feature that makes it easy for users in Nigeria to find job openings through Google Search. Learn more here!

Google presents a new feature that makes it easy for users in Nigeria to find job openings through Google Search.

This feature named ‘Jobs on Google Search’ has a way of working that is similar to other job search market platforms. The difference is, Google acts as an aggregator that collects all job information from several collaborated platforms such as JustJobNG, Jobrapido, LinkedIn as well as official job provider sites.

Users simply type the keyword ‘job opening’ in the Google search engine text box. Later, Google will provide references based on search locations.

Users can also choose job information according to lightened categories, such as Computer & IT, Advertising & Marketing or so on. The type of work, whether full-time, contract, or part-time can also be adjusted to search results.

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In addition to information about companies that open vacancies, the search results will also contain employee qualifications determined by the company.

After being sure and want to try applying, click ‘Apply on’ which will then lead the user to the job search platform that uploaded the information.

The next process can be done through the related platform by registering a new account or logging in first. A list of job openings can also be saved or shared.

Users can also register via email, to get notifications when there are new vacancies that match their search. ‘Jobs on Google Search’ can now be accessed through Google Search on the desktop and Android and iOS devices.

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