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Google+ To Shut Down Early Due To New Bug

The plug is pulled out of Google+ a little bit faster than expected after a new bug was discovered with the risk of a data leak. Learn more!

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At the beginning of October, you could read on Naijaknowhow that Google was going to pull the plug from Google+ in August 2019. That decision came after another bug that could have resulted in a possible data leak. Now, two months later, another bug has come to light that made the information of 52.5 million accounts freely available to developers who knew of its existence. Enough is enough, says Google, the service will now take its last breath in April of next year.

The news was published by David Thacker, VP Product Management and G Suite on the company’s blog. According to him, a software update that appeared in November released a bug with the Google+ API. The bug was noticed and resolved within the week without third parties being able to use it. As a direct result, the company took the decision to disable the G + API within 90 days. In addition, Google will also push the end of Google+, which can be difficult for developers, but much needed for the security and privacy of their users.

If you are one of the 440 million active Google+ users (numbers from 2016), then you still have time to download all your data. Google+ for companies will continue to exist because the platform is popular for collaboration between teams.

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