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What Do All Those Graphical Settings Mean For Games?

At the settings of a game, there are many buttons and settings, but which really matter?

What is the use of all those institutions that offer you games? Sometimes it seems like you have to follow a course in order to master just the settings screen of a game. Time for a crash course in which the main institutions are discussed.

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The most basic setting is the resolution. Ideally, the resolution of your game corresponds to the standard resolution of your monitor. Many monitors have a resolution of 1920 × 1080 so the resolution of your game should also be 1920 × 1080.


Anti-aliasing makes the difference between a cartel line and a straight line. This setting ensures that the cartel effect in a game is minimized, but of course, this also requires a lot more power. Try a lower AA value if you have trouble turning a particular game.


Showing shadows is an intensive task. When your computer has trouble turning a game, lowering the existing shadow can already provide a boost. Moreover, this does not change the actual image quality. ‘Medium’ is often more than enough here.


Many gamers are not fans of motion blur and switch this setting off by default. Especially in shooters, these graphic settings are appreciated by the few. With racing games, it may be useful to have some blur to feel the speed better.


This setting creates a blur over objects with no focus on it. It makes it a bit more realistic, but usually, you want to see the nice backgrounds in games. Reducing this setting is often in favour of performance.


In an ideal scenario, you want to see all the details of a game, also the reflections of characters and objects in the water, glass… This requires a lot of power and by reducing this setting you can boost the performance of your game considerably.

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