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How to enable whatsapp on Mozilla Firefox

Whatsapp web was introduced something last month Jan, 2015 and was only ment to be available for Chrome users…Chrome isn’t one of my favourite web browner but I just had to manage it functionality.

Firefox has always been one of the best web browsers because of its simplicity and speed.
But the good news is you can now install whatsapp web on your Fire fox with a just a simple addon of 8.4kb.

How Can I Install Whatsapp Client on Mozilla Firefox?
#Download this Addon with your firefox browser whatsapp web addon
#Click on add to firefox and Install it
#visit web.whatsapp.com from you Mozilla browser
#Scan your QR code and your whatsapp web client will be enable and functioning.

Now I Know that WhatsApp is sweeter on PC computers due to the swift typing on keyboard than on smartphone. Don’t hesitate to ask any question on tips that’s not well understood.

Don’t know how to log out your Whatsapp for web click here

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  1. I have just installed this add on, it works, thank you.
    However, I face difficulty on logging out. I can not do this.
    Please teach me how to log out.

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