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How To Extract Zip File Using Xplore On Android

This article contains a stepped guide on how to extract zip file using Xplore on Android phones, learn how to unzip zipped files on Android.

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I was amazed when I realized some people don’t know how to extract a file from a zipped file, well… this is a quick tip on how to extract a zip file using Xplore.

What does a zip file mean?

A zip file is a file that contains contents that have been compressed for either transmission or storage purpose.

Usually, a zip file ends with a file extension name of “.zip”. and to extract such files, you will require an application called x-plore. This app has been a long-serving servant since the days of Symbian phones. It works just fine when called upon, see the guide below on how to extract a zipped image, document, music, video and some other files with the .zip file extension mark.

Here is how to extract files from a zipped file using Xplore below… Firstly credits to Loneycatsgames for building such an amazing app. I’ve been a great fan of Xplore since the days of Symbian phones, it was and will still be one of my favourite apps cause it does a whole lot of work for me.

You can use other apps to extract a zip file, not just Xplore. ES File Explorer is also a very good alternative to Xplore on Android.

Here’s how to unzip / extract a zip file using X-plore on Android

Step 1: Download and Install X-plore

Download and install X-plore apk app via Google play store.

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X-plore File Manager
X-plore File Manager
Developer: Lonely Cat Games
Price: Free

Step 2: Locate the file to be extracted

Locate and open file to be extracted. (Sample photo shows am extracting an MTNBis + VPN file)

extract a zip file using Xplore
Click here to select where the file will be saved

Step 3: Select file

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Slide left or Click on the blue arrow on the top right to access the other pane of the app. (Dual pane features)

Step 4: Choose a folder to save the extracted file

Select where you want your file to be extracted in. (I selected “document” for mine)

extract a zip file using Xplore 2
Select desired folder where the file will be extracted in.

Step 5: Go to the previous page

Shortly after selecting a folder, Slide right or tap on the blue arrow to go back to the previous section. (You don’t have to slide from one pane to another if you’re using a larger screen device such as a tablet)

Step 6: Select and hold down to copy

Select and hold down the folder or file inside the zip folder for about 2 secs. A panel will popup requiring you to select a command. (See image below)

extract a zip file using Xplore 3
Hold down the file to enable popup before selecting a command.

Step 7: Tap “OK” to confirm

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Tap on okay. (Don’t tick “move mode” if you don’t want to delete the file from its zipped folder.)

extract a zip file using Xplore 4
Hold down the file to enable popup before selecting a command.

Step 8: Locate the file in the extracted folder

That’s all, just locate the extracted file through your phone file explorer/manager.

Your file will no longer be in zip format but in its original format before it was zipped.

I hope it helped? Use the comment box if you need help. Here are other ways to extract ZIP or RAR files on your Android smartphone.

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