How To Extract Zip File Using Xplore


I was amazed when i came to realize some people don’t know how to extract a file from a zipped file, this is a quick tip on how to extract a zip file using xplore.

What does a zip file mean?
A zip file is a file that contains contents that have been compressed for either transmission or storage purpose.

Usually a zip file ends with a file extension name of “.zip”. and to extract such files, you will require an application called xplore. This app have been a long serving servant since the days of Symbian phones. It works just fine when called upon, see guide below on how to extract a zipped image, document, music, video and some other files with the .zip file extension mark.


Here is how to extract files from a zipped file using xplore below… Firstly credits to Loneycatsgames for building such amazing app. I’ve been a great fan of xplore since the days of symbian phones, its was and will still be one of my favourite app cause it does a whole lot of work for me.

You can use other apps to extract a zip file not just xplore. Es File Explorer is also a very good alternative to xplore.


1. Download and install X-plore apk app via google play store.

2. Locate and open file to be extracted. (Sample photo shows am extracting an MTNBis + VPN file)

extract a zip file using Xplore
Click there to select where file will be saved

3. Slide left or Click on the blue arrow on the top right to access the other pane of the app. (Dual pane features)

4. Select where you want your file to be extracted in. (I selected “document” for mine)

extract a zip file using Xplore 2
Select desired folder where file will be extracted in.

5. Immediately after selcting a folder, Slide right or tap on blue arrow to go back to previous pane. (You don’t have to slide from one pane to another if you’re using a larger screen device such as pad)

6. Select and hold down the folder or file inside the zip folder for about 2 secs. A panel will popup requiring you to select a command. (See image below)

extract a zip file using Xplore 3
Hold down file to enable popup before selecting a command.

7. Tap on okay. (Don’t tick “move mode” if you don’t want to delete file from its zipped folder.)

extract a zip file using Xplore 4
Hold down file to enable popup before selecting a command.

8. Thats all, just locate extracted file through your phone file explorer/manager.

Your file will no longer be in zip format but in its original format before it was zipped.

I hope it helped? Use the comment box if you need help.

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