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Solution Time | Here Are Possible Fixes To A Blank Laptop Screen

Imagine that awkward moment when you have an important presentation or design work you’re about to carry-out, then you see a BLANK computer screen! Bad, isn’t it? Okay, we’ve compiled a list of possible ways to fix a blank laptop screen.


fix zinox blank screen laptop

My zinox laptop previously running on windows 7 was upgraded to 8.1.  Last week, on logging in, system started hanging and from there the screen went blank. Since then, the screen has remained blank. There is no history of dropping it to the ground of forcefully hitting it. Please help.  It’s the only PC I have.

Recommended Solution

I doubt if your laptop’s screen is bad or the new Windows 8.1 has anything to do with it, but either way, you can try these fix.

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Fix 1

Since you can’t see anything on the screen, Open your PC If you can (if you can’t get help), after opening, try to check the screen’s flex connector if it’s well plugged in to the board…vibrations over time can sometimes shake it off, it happened to my bro’s PC. If you don’t have any previous experience in opening laptops, don’t hesitate to hand it over to someone who can or possibly a laptop engineer. 


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Fix 2

Downgrade or reinstall the previous windows 7 OS if you can, just to be sure your Zinos blank screen has nothing to do with the new windows 8.1 OS.


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Fix 3

If that didn’t work, then consider changing the screen (laptop screen costs about N10,000 to N15, 000) or seek for advice from a professional engineer.


I hope it helped?!

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