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Top 3 Things To Do When Facebook App Consumes RAM & Battery On Android

Let's take a look at the top things to do when Facebook app consumes RAM and battery on your device

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The internet and social media influence in the world today has metamorphize over time, everyone is using the internet and Facebook as a social tool for marketing, social tool for keeping up with customers, social tool for getting in touch with families and friends and more.

Facebook however, is the greatest piece of this social tool, people relies on it when it comes to doing either or all of those aforementioned.

The Facebook app is pretty much used by almost if not all smartphone users, instead of visiting the popular website via Web, people prefer using the official Facebook app. I can’t object the uniqueness of this app, but I can strongly say Facebook app is one of the biggest battery and RAM killers in Android & other smartphones.

It takes courage to uninstall this app from your phone, which seem most likely the easiest way to stop apps taking up your RAM space. Let’s take a look at the top things to do when Facebook app consumes RAM and battery on your device.


1. RAM Optimization

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Newer Android OS (Marshmallow & Lollipop) now have different features to help make your RAM better. See features below…

A. Sleep Cleanup:

it helps you to kill running app while you’re asleep. Go settings » Navigate to Sleep Cleanup » activate » set start and end time.

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B. System Manager:

App name on Infinix phones, can be different on other device though. This app generally helps you to control your overall phone functionality, it one of the most important RAM optimizer on Android.system manager

  • This app has a Mobile Cleanup features to allow you clear up cache and other useless files taking up RAM and storage.

mobile cleanup

  • Also, you can Accelerate RAM using this app, accelerating should be done in intervals, probably when you’re done using the phone. Thus will help you clear active apps and free up RAM space.
  • App manager; another features that helps you manage apps on Android. After you must have opened app manager » auto-start Manager » untick Facebook, what this does is…on switching on your phone, facebook does not load automatically unless you open it manually.
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auto start manager

C. Standby network management;

prevents apps from accessing the network when screen is powered off and in standby mode. Goto settings » under wireless & network » Standby network management (if you didn’t locate it click more) » activate/switch on » tick Facebook app.

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