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How To Increase Memory Of Your Android Device Using SD card

In recent times android devices comes with much more higher RAMs making memory increase or partitioning totally irrelevant, but I wrote this for those still stuck with their old android device, devices that runs in a very low processors and space.

Here is how to increase memory of your Android device using SD card if you intend to keep the phone up and running for playing high-end games and carrying out multi tasking activities without dragging.

Low memory space can play a large role on the swiftness and responsiveness of an android device, it can result to freezing or a pop-up showing low memory space in your notification panel. You don’t have to dispose your TECNO,Infinix, Lenovo, Samsung or other old Android device if you fall in this category, here is an expert solutions to solving low internal memory on Android. Just follow the process as explained below and you should be able to increase memory of your Android device using SD card without any problem whatsoever.

NOTE: This does not have anything to do with hardware, changing your ROM or RAM just like you’d on PC. It only requires a third-party app for this to work.

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To increase memory of your android device, here are some requirements you must have met.


This process can be achieved by using a third-party tool on your PC, This tool is called  Mini Tool Partition . This tool will help you to partition your Android device without much stress. Read below…

Step 1

Download and install Mini tool partition to your PC then connect your SD card to the reader.

Step 2

Open and go to delete option on the tool to format SD card.

Step 3

Immediately after formatting, right-click and choose make.

Step 4

A pop-up will appear, just make FFAT32 the primary partition if card is greater than 4 GB but if the card is less than 4GB, select FAT .

Step 5

As soon as the primary partition is complete, you have to leave about 600MB of space for the next partition.

Step 6

Next is to select done then right click the remaining space on the SD card and select primary partition. Remember to change the file system to Ext 3 or Ext 4 instead of FAT.

Step 7

Apply and wait for the process to complete. (should take some minutes)

Step 8

Now download and install Link2SD directly from the play store on your Android device.

Step 9

After installation, open it and grant that app root permission when asked to, navigate to file system of external partition. Choose the required option.

Step 10

Finally, Sort the app and then link it.

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Now that’s how to go about it, if you have one up to step 10 then you must have successfully increased the memory of your Android device using SD card via PC!!!

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