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How To Insure Your Phone Screen @ Any Slot Outlet

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Everyone has chosen to move with the smartphone trend in Nigeria, almost every person has a smartphone bue downside is the screen of a smartphone is highly fragile and cannot resist the effect of a heavy fall.

A friend of mine bought a new Samsung galaxy S6, two days after, it got cracked after it mistaken slipped off while operating. This is why the Android and other smart devices remain very vulnerable of cracks.

Don’t say your “smartphone’s screen is made steel”, mine is made with stone and bla bla bla… My brother, your phone and my phone will crack when it happens to fall accidentally from a very high distance.

Slot has come up with a solution to that, you can now insure your phone screen insured with only N500 N2500, which is actually an enticing offer to start with.

The question now is, can you use a phone for a year without getting your screen cracked or damaged? If answer is No, then my advise for you is to get your screen insured at once or read my article on how to prevent your smartphone’s screen from cracks.


What Is Screen Insurance ?

Screen Insurance is means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain screen cracks or damages.

How Long Does Slot Screen Insurance Cover My Phone?

It’s only for a year, after a year you can get it insured again with the same amount.

How Do I Benefit From This?

For a span of 1 year with an active screen insurance, any accidental fault/cracks that happens to your  screen, SLOT shall take the responsibility of changing the screen. You don’t have to spend your money replacing it.

Does It Cover All Smartphone?

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Yes, it does, all brands, all models. In as much as you purchased it in their stores.

Can I Insure Other Parts Of My Phone?

No you can’t, Slot only insures the screen.

How Do I Get My Screen Insured?

To get your screen insured….

  • Visit any SLOT store nationwide, buy any phone of your choice.
  • Request for screen insurance, you shall be required to a sum of N500 N2500 to get your phone’s screen insured. A receipt will be issued to you.
  • Protect your receipt as evidence when you need to fix a damaged screen.

That’s it.

After Getting My Screen Insured, Where Do I Take Phone To When Screen Gets Damaged?

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Any outlet of SLOT store.

After Getting A Screen Replaced By Slot Insurance Cover, Does It Void Warranty?

As a matter of fact, it does. Any physical repair you made to a phone still under warranty simply voids it.

Since we all know warranty cover is offered by the phone’s company itself and they usually last for a year or two. Here is my advice for those that got their phone’s screen insured while under warranty cover.

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When your screen develops a software damage, use warranty cover but if it’s a hardware damage, then use the insurance cover.

The phone screen insurance offered by slot is worth it, it’s a good way to give your phone a cover for any future fault.

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