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Smarter & More Effective Ways To Search For Things Online

Have you ever wondered why you aren't getting the right results, here are smarter effective ways to find things online.

I’ve always wondered why people ask simple questions even when they have access to the internet, they ask questions that can easily get perfect answers online, after confronting one or two of them myself, I got to realize, not many know how to search for things online. Right now, a few more reading this thinks they must be weird not knowing how to use the internet to source for the right information, to those people, i can assure you…when you’re done reading this post, you’d be surprised how ignorant you’ve been all this while. Here is how to search for things online via Google.com, Ask.com, Yahoo.com and other search sites.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Why have i been getting the wrong results?
  • Why do I spend too much time seeking for answers to my questions?
  • How do I search for things online rightly?

Searching for things online isn’t a problem for me because I know how the internet world works. Understanding these factors makes it a lot easier to hit the nail on the head, these factors matters if you really want to get accurate results to your search queries.

Those questions shall be answered below, keep reading..

I’m going reveal certain secrets on how blogs, website and other content delivery sites upload contents online, how they draft them to be relevant for search engines, and how they play a role on how you search for things online with ease. Do you think every piece of content you get when you search for things were written without proper structuring?

How we write.

After a website, blog and forums etc writes content, they make sure their articles are centered around a specific keyword or phrase just like how I’m focusing this on “how to search for things online”, Search engines bots crawls these contents according to its level of relevance. Lets assume Google had crawled this write-up and it ranked very high, when you search with phrases or sentences like..

  • How to search for things online
  • Ways to search for things online
  • How to search for things online correctly
  • Proper way to search for things and get result online

How to search for things online

Articles, News, Stories etc

Google.com, Ask.com etc will serve the searcher results based on those queries earlier listed. In a layman’s understanding, assuming you saved a new contact on your phone as “Austin David Okonkwo“, perhaps, there are other contacts with the name “Austin”, If there is need to call Austin David and want a precise search result, then your search query should be “Austin David“, using this will filter other Austins while the right Austin appear. That’s a typical example of how search engines serves you answers.

I know other people who spends time online searching for specific file types; files such as applications, books, music, video etc. This is the trick..

Android apps


Before you type in your search query, make sure you know the file extension of the file type you are searching for online, this will help google tailor your search result to give you the exact thing you’re looking for.

I repeat, you should add the file name extension of the file when searching on google. For example, I want to search for an Android app, “everything launcher“, don’t just type it like that and expect google to give you the direct link to download it. Simply type “everything launcher.apk“, adding the “.APK” file extension for Android tells search engine, hey! i only want links to the file for download. Search will most likely bring out sites with the direct download link to the file.

google search things online

Music, Videos, etc

This approach can be followed for music, videos and other files too, however, For music files, there is need to provide both the song title, artist name then file name extension, eg type “African Queen 2Face Idibia.mp3” on the search box and it brings out sites with the direct download and live stream links. Also the same with e-books, know the book title and type “title.pdf” then you can get links to download articles(e-books), and the process goes on and on for other file types such as .3gp, .mp4, .pdf, .doc, .zip, .mod, .exe, .java etc (See a list of filename extensions here)


Google.com as an example allows you to search for images online, this is a sub category of the general search, it feeds you with images that match the exact search query you’ve typed. Here are some picture files extensions; jpg, jpeg, png, gif etc.

How to download free stuffs online

Take note, some files online are usually paid for, so if what you need is free download links, then you will have to add a “free download” to your search queries. eg, “free download African Queen 2Face Idibia.mp3“, in this case, search engines gathers only sites that offers links to download the file for free. This trick applies to all file extension too.

search for things online via google


Since you know there are lots of relevant and irrelevant websites and blogs, files can be searched based on certain special keyword, okay… lets assume you want results tailored out from Naijaknowhow, you can search with the search query to look like “Download link Psiphon Naijaknowhow.com”, using a search query like this will spring up results displaying only the website included (see images above).

Also read:

In conclusion:

I will have to stop here for now, with this, you should noticed why you’ve been getting the wrong results and how you wasted time not getting the right answers. Knowing what to search for is cool, but typing it wrongly won’t bring you close to any resourceful result. If you have read and digested this write up, you must have learnt know how to search for things online rightly, so, go ahead and try different things, there are no limits to how creative you can be when searching for things online.

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  1. Cool…thanks man. Really appreciate the one on searching from a particular site. One tip I use often is – if you want to search for exact match, put the search term in quotation marks e.g “PES2016” search for exact keywords PES2016 and not PES 2016.

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