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How to Send Call Me Back on Glo (USSD Code)

Here's how to send call me back on Glo in Nigeria - Use the Glo Please Call Me Back Code to send your families and friends a "Please Call Me Back" request.

Have you been so out of credit that you need the USSD code to know how to send Call Me Back on the Glo network? Have you been searching for Glo Please Call Me code for sending a call me back SMS?

Even without credit on your Glo line, Glo has made it possible to revive hopes of getting a callback. If you’re low on airtime, you can get a call from your recipient when you send the Glo Call Me Back Code you’re about to see below.

Despite being one of the few networks that offer cheap call tariff plans in Nigeria, some folks might just find this code relevant, if not for now… It could be useful for later.

Here’s how to send call me back on Glo in Nigeria – you can use the Glo Please Call Me Back Code to send your loved ones a “Please Call Me Back” request. And get a call back instantly.


How to Send Call Me Back on Glo Using USSD code

With MTN Call Me Back Code, you get the option to send personalised Call Me Back messages. For example; you can send messages such as… “Please call me, I love you”, “Please call me back, I have a gist for you” and so on. On the other hand, Glo only gives you just one option of Call Me Back Request.

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To send Please Call Me Back on Glo


NOTE: You cannot exceed a daily limit of 5 times. Which means; you cannot send more than 5 Glo Call Me Back message per day.

That’s it! You now have the code at your disposal, you now know how to send call me back on Glo using the simple code, to get more, you can check out my list of Please Call me Back Codes for all networks in Nigeria or… Simply check out Call Me Back Codes of your preferred mobile network below. Click the link below to see;

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