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Huawei Boss: Samsung Folding Screen Smartphone Not Good Enough

In the interview session with Business Insider, Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that they failed to use the Samsung Galaxy Fold design because it was considered 'not good'. Learn more!

Huawei and Samsung made a breakthrough at the MWC 2019 because the two technology giants released the presence of their folding screen smartphone.

In the interview session with Business Insider, Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that at first, they made a prototype of the design of Huawei’s folding screen smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. But, they failed to use the design because it was considered ‘not good’.

The Galaxy Fold, The First Foldable Smartphone From Samsung

“I think with two screens, the front screen and rear screen, make the device too heavy,” Yu said, as reported by the GSM Arena.

Huawei at that time had three projects at once and claimed to have a better design than Samsung Galaxy Fold, but, the project was stopped directly by Yu.

“The design is bad,” he said.

Even though both have screens that can be folded, Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold have a different folding design to change devices from mobile phones to tablets.

Huawei Launch Mate X, 8-inch Fold Screen Smartphone With 5G

Huawei Mate X can change from tablet to mobile by folding it inward. The tablet screen will automatically split into two so that the phone has two screens, in front and behind.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has the main mobile screen on the front. Once opened, like opening a book, there is a tablet-sized screen.

The design of the two devices was discussed, technology enthusiasts debated which design was the best.

Many consider the Huawei Mate X superior because of such a design, but, the screen folded out will be prone to scratching.

Another group of technology enthusiasts are concerned that dust or other small objects can enter the fold of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and damage the folding screen smartphone.

An analyst from Forrester, Frank Gillet stated, it was too early to state which design was the best because the two products were not officially thrown to the market.

The selling price of folding screen smartphones is very high when compared to smartphone flagship classes that are currently circulating. Huawei Mate X sells for US $2,600 (around N945,000 naira) and Samsung Galaxy Fold US $1,980 (around N716,000 naira).

See full specifications:

Gillet is concerned that devices like this will not last long because the hinges and mechanism in the folding screen smartphone will not compete with the durability of a smartphone that is shaped like a candy bar.

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