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Ibeju-Lekki L.G.A Zip Codes | Postal Code

This post contains all updated Ibeju Lekki L.G.A, Lagos, Nigeria Zip codes for all regions -- Learn more!

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This post contains all updated Ibeju-Lekki L.G.A, Lagos, Nigeria Zip codes for all regions — cities, towns, streets and villages.

Here on Naijaknowhow.net, you will find all the postal codes for important cities, areas and top regions in Ibeju-Lekki LGA, Lagos, Nigeria.

District: Ibeju-Lekki LGA, Lagos Zip Codes

  • Country: Nigeria
  • Region (State): Lagos
  • LGA: Ibeju-Lekki
  • District: Ibeju-Lekki
  • Associated Zip Code: 105101


Postal Codes

Malara (Ibehu) 105101
Mopo Onibeju 105101
Mosayo 105101
Moseju 105101
Mosere Ikoga 105101
Mushiri Kogo 105101
Ogodi 105101
Ogogoro 105101
Oguntedo 105101
Oju Oto 105101
Oko Oba 105101
Okunegun 105101
Okunsolu 105101
Olumofin 105101
Oribanwa 105101
Orimedu 105101
Orofin 105101
Pakere 105101
Sapati 105101
Solu 105101
Solu Alade 105101
Tagbati 105101
Tagbawoyi 105101
Talano Oke 105101
Yaba Ibeju 105101
Aba Igbekele 105101
Aba Oriyabrin 105101
Abegede 105101
Abijo 105101
Abule Panu 105101
Adeba 105101
Agbowa Onibeju 105101
Aiyeteju Ofiran 105101
Ajegbenwa 105101
Ajibade 105101
Akodo 105101
Arapagi 105101
Arapagi Ojoko 105101
Araromi 105101
Araromi Tope 105101
Awoyaya 105101
Badore 105101
Batedo 105101
Bodije 105101
Debojo 105101
Dongo 105101
Ebute Itamarun 105101
Efiran 105101
Eleko 105101
Eleputu 105101
Emu 105101
Eputu 105101
Gbogije Ibeju 105101
Iba 105101
Iba Oloja 105101
Iba Onigangan 105101
Ibeju 105101
Iberekodo 105101
Idaado 105101
Idado 105101
Idi Orogbo 105101
Idiori 105101
Igando 105101
Igando Oloja 105101
Igando Orudu 105101
Ilado 105101
Imagbon Alade 105101
Imagbon Oloja 105101
Imagbon Segun 105101
Imalefalafia 105101
Imegun 105101
Ito Omu 105101
Iwerekun 105101
Iweso 105101
Kajola 105101
Kalepewo 105101
Kekuru 105101
Lagasa 105101
Lakowe 105101
Lalagasa 105101
Magbon Alade 105101

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