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Instagram Adds Voice Messages To Direct Messages

From henceforth, Instagram users will see a microphone icon for voice messaging in individual chats as well as chat groups.

If you’re conversant with Instagram, you’ll know there was no support for recording of voice notes in the platform’s direct messages section. Well, that’s history now as the company has added voice messaging feature to Instagram Direct.

You’ll admit there are a couple of times that text messages aren’t very expressive. Sometimes, typing might even be stressful when on an IM. In that light, sending voice chats are stress-free & more expressional. That’s the deal with the voice messaging feature in Direct Messages.

From henceforth, Instagram users will see a microphone icon in individual chats as well as chat groups. Yes, it’s not limited to one-on-one conversations, these voice messages have been enabled in multi-persons chat as well.

Once the icon is tapped, an audio note with 60 secs (1 minute) limitation can be recorded. While recording, sound waves like those seen in Messenger are seen. Taking your hands off the icon sends the message automatically.

Instagram voice messages

Just like the working system of Messenger’s walkie-talkie, these voice chats don’t expire. Also, if the message isn’t pleasing enough, moving your hands to the trash can will discard the message. At this point, you can re-record if you want.

We can’t avoid the fact that this is coming pretty late from social media as popular as Instagram. Even its parent company, Facebook has been utilising the voice messaging feature in Messenger for over five years. Well, we could say they were too busy dubbing Snapchat that they forgot to copy themselves. Ironical!

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That said, Instagram has started rolling out this feature to Android and iOS platforms. So, get your Android phones and iPhones, and start recording voice chats straightaway!

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