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Best iPhone 11, iPhone 11Pro Screen Protectors To Buy

This article contains the best screen protectors for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, if you recently purchased any of these iPhones, here are some screen protectors to use with it.

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Apple recently launched the iPhone 11 series with different models alongside it. Well, these smartphones are one of the latest devices in town and if you’re an iPhone lover, I’m sure you already have these iPhone 11 series insight and would love to get one soon.

We all know the fragile part of any smartphone is the screen, and these series of iPhone 11 that was just released a few days ago, they have a flat-screen and it’s more fragile compared to the ones on other iPhones. Before the unveiling of the iPhone 11 series, there have been developments on the screen protectors from different companies. Now with the phone available in the market, here are some of the best screen protectors you to buy for them.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protectors To Buy

These screen protectors are affordable, has good qualities and you can easily buy them from Amazon, I’ll list some of these screen protectors below

1. JETech Screen Protector

JETech Screen Protector

If you want a good screen protector, well I can recommend jetech as a good one to go for, this screen protector comes with tempered glass with a thickness of 0.33mm, it covers the whole screen and will protect your newly purchased iPhone 11 at any cost.

This screen protector is 9H hard, and this gives it an edge over scratches occurring to your device screen, it calibrates superbly and even if water touches it, you’ll still be able to navigate around. Its a very cheap screen protector for iPhone 11 and costs nothing less than $5 on amazon.

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2. Purity Screen Protector

Purity Screen Protector

Purity screen protector is a good choice screen protector to use on iPhone 11 series, it comes with an ultra-thin tempered glass. If you use purity screen protector for your newly purchased iPhone 11 or 11 pro, even with the glass on the screen, you’ll gain more control over sensitivity, and the colour accuracy won’t be affected in no way.

Purity screen protector is worth buying and it wouldn’t cost you anything less than $9, it worths the given price because of the quality it possesses, if you need a good screen protector for iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro, this is one of the best you can buy. It is available on Amazon for a cheap price

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3. amFilm Glass Screen Protector

amFilm Glass Screen Protector

If you’re the type who buys screen protector most times, maybe for a new phone or an old one, then you’d have seen amfilm screen protectors one or two times. They focus on making screen protectors for iPhone devices, now with the introduction of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, their new set of screen protectors are just amazing and worth buying.

With 9H hardness, there’s a possibility for enduring scratches and liquid substance, if you’re looking for a very strong screen protector to use on iPhone 11, you should consider getting one of this, its one of the best screen protector for iPhone 11 series.

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4. Ailun Screen Protector

Ailun Screen Protector

Ailun screen protector comes with a 0.33mm and 2.5D tempered glass that’ll protect your iPhone 11 screen, this screen protector won’t let you get affected by scratches or liquid substance appearing on your device screen. Ailun is very much capable when it comes to handling sweats, liquid substance as I’ve said.

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With $5 in hand, this screen protector does come in handy, it is cheap and you can also get it on amazon. If you’re looking for a good screen protector for iPhone 11 series or iPhone XS, you should get Ailun screen protector.

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5. LK Screen Protector

LK Screen Protector

Lastly, LK screen protector comes among one of the best screen protectors for iPhone 11 series, a very nice screen protector actually and its tempered glass will provide accurate sensitivity and strong protection. LK is a good choice screen protector to buy for iPhone 11 series, its very strong and can withstand liquid substance at any cost.

This screen protector is one of the best to buy and use on any iPhone 11 or other iPhones with same screen size, LK screen protector isn’t that cheap but can still be purchased not less than $10, you will enjoy having this screen protector on your iPhone 11 device.

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When we talk about good screen protectors for iPhone 11 series, these are the screen protectors you’ll come across, they offer more protection to any screen they’re being placed on, they’re very cheap and affordable and of course, they’re being sold from one of the best online stores.


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