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How to Know Websites Using the Same AdSense ID

For those looking to uncover multiple websites using an AdSense ID or account, this website mentioned in this video will reveal it for you. 

This video explains how you can reverse search AdSense ID to find all domains which share the same ID. Google provides a unique code that allows publishers to identify their AdSense account. This code is exclusive to all Google AdSense publishers, and what’s unique about this code is it allows publishers to know when their AdSense code has been used or highjacked and embedded on another website or blog. The good thing about registering to be a Google AdSense partner is it allows you to use your unique AdSense ID on all website that you own or manage.

Adsense is one of the many ways bloggers and publisher monetise their platforms, however, for some weird reason, you could be looking for how to know websites linked with the same Google AdSense account, if that’s a problem, then you don’t have to worry. This video posted by official Naijaknowhow TV explains it all.

Amongst others things you can do on the website specified in the video, you can also uncover domains with similar or the same AdSense ID. For one AdSense account linked with multiple websites, this website will reveal it for you.

Here’s a Video That Explains How to Know Websites Using Similar or the Same AdSense ID

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