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Leaked: Nokia D1 And Nokia E1 Sketch Images

There are new image leaks of the upcoming Nokia device in 2017; Have a look at the sketch images of the Nokia D1 and Nokia E1 to know it's full features »

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Next year is going to be awesome for Nokia lovers all over the world. Android lovers all over the globe can’t wait to hold the most anticipated Nokia D1 and Nokia E1 Android device to be launched next year.

There are new image leaks of the upcoming Nokia device, but they’re Sketch images of the Nokia D1 and Nokia E1. You’ll get to see two sketches, the first image allegedly shows off the Nokia D1, while the second one is supposed to represent the Nokia E1. The Nokia D1 and Nokia E1 have popped up for some time, while the Nokia E1 surfaced quite recently for the first time.

Nokia D1 and Nokia E1 Sketch Images

As you can see, these two sketches are quite similar, the two phones look almost identical, but there is one important difference to note, the Nokia D1 has a front-facing fingerprint scanner, while the Nokia E1 does not. It is also worth noting that the Nokia D1 is a bit more curved on the sides. Both devices have identical back and overview (multitasking) buttons which are flanking the home key, but the home key on the Nokia E1 seems to be a regular capacitive circle, while the Nokia D1 has an oval-shaped home button which will double as a fingerprint scanner, though we still don’t know whether you’ll be able to physically press this key, or will it be more of a capacitive home button like we’ve seen on the HTC 10 and OnePlus 3(T).

Nokia’s branding seems to be placed in the upper right corner of both of these devices, and the leak mentions that the company’s upcoming phone’s will land in both 5 and 5.5-inch variants, though we’re not sure whether that means that the Nokia D1 will land in two variants, or will the Nokia D1 sport a 5-inch display, and Nokia E1 a 5.5-inch panel, because the source is not entirely clear on the details. Previous leaks did say that the Nokia D1 could land in two variants, but we’ll see.

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