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Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows 10 (2021)

If you're looking for web browsers to use on low-end pc running windows 10, I've listed the best lightweight browsers you can use on windows 10.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are known for consuming resources on Windows 10, though Windows 10 is an OS that sucks resources a lot and sometimes you’ll see people looking for ways to reduce resources consumption on Windows 10.

When resources get consumed too much, it causes a PC to lag especially low-end PC’s therefore in this article I’ve decided to write on some of the browsers that take fewer resources on Windows 10 when they’re being used.

This is something I always experience when I use Google Chrome to browse on my PC and if I check my task manager for apps running, I’ll see Google Chrome or Firefox taking much memory and that makes my PC lag, it’s annoying because I use a low-end PC, but now I’ve seen browsers that’ll take fewer resources from my PC and I’ve decided to write about them.

List of the Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows 10

1. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

My first experience with Torch Browser made me realize its better to use this browser anytime I have multiple tasks running on my PC, it is very light and it is very similar to Google Chrome in terms of features and interface, but when it comes to how resources are being consumed, Torch Browser comes fewer resources from your PC memory.

With Torch Browser you can open multiple tabs when browsing on your PC, you can download heavy files with it and also stream videos directly from it and all these will be done conveniently with fewer resources being taken from your PC memory. Torch Browser is one of the best lightweight browsers for Windows 10.

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Download Torch Browser

2. SeaMonkey Browser

SeaMonkey Browser

If you’re a developer using a low-end PC for a start, you might consider using SeaMonkey Browser as your default browser to carryout test’s on your work. This browser is very good for developers though and also for people who just want to surf the web conveniently, you can also use extensions from browsers like Mozilla and Google Chrome on this browser.

SeaMonkey has been out there for a long time and it makes it easy for net surfing, it has its email client, contact book, chat room and many more. If you’re looking for a light browser to use on your Windows 10 PC, then you should try getting SeaMonkey because it’s one of the best.

Download SeaMonkey Browser

3. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is just like a mini version of UC Browser, it is very fast, loads page easily and also makes it convenient to surf the net while fewer resources are being consumed from our PC memory, Maxthon Clou Browser is lightweight and despite using a dual rendering engine system to load webpages very fast, it doesn’t take many resources.

You can use Maxthon Cloud Browser on your low-end PC, it will save help reduce how resources are being consumed on your PC. Maxthon Cloud Browser is one of the best lightweight browsers you can use on Windows 10, it’s fast and convenient.

Download Maxthon Cloud Browser

4. Slim Browser

Slim Browser

Slim Browser is very similar to Maxthon Browser, but a bit different and I can say it’s even better than Maxthon Browser, Slim Browser is very fast and allows you to surf websites freely. It has a very unique interface and you can also perform high task downloading on it. It’s a good browser to stream videos and access torrent websites as well and all these activities won’t pile up resources.

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Slim Browser is one of the best lightweight browsers you can use on your PC, it doesn’t have to be windows 10 alone, but if you’re using Windows 10 on a low-end PC, then you should ditch Google Chrome or any bulky browser you have for this.

Download Slim Browser

5. Lunascape


The last browser to be listed on this list is a particular web browser I have used once, actually, it’s a browser everyone will love because of its features, Lunascape has all the features from some of the popular web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and others, and despite having all these features in one browser, it doesn’t show signs of bulkiness even when surfing multiple websites at once.

If you check your task manager while running Lunascape, you’ll see the resources it’s consuming doesn’t seem much and that speaks a lot about a web browser that is lightweight.

Download Lunascape


If you had used any of the listed browsers before, I’m sure you wouldn’t argue less about this compilation, and even if you’ve not used any of them before, you can try one out and you’ll realize I’ve made the best list for sure. If you need lightweight browsers to use on your low-end PC running Windows 10 OS, these are the best browsers for you.

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