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6 Best Math Solver Apps for Android in 2021

In this article, I'll be listing the best math solver apps for Android.

Math to some people back in school days, seem to be an easy subject and you’d see them performing excellently during texts and exams. But some find math too difficult and always face one or two problems solving it. Solving maths can be easy if you have the right math solver apps installed on your Android phone.

For someone like me, I’ll say I’m not a fan of calculations and I can say this boldly because I don’t like what gives me headaches. Thus, anytime I find myself with math questions as homework or I’m reading randomly, I always use math applications to help speed up one or two equations.

Although some of these apps don’t solve maths accurately, I still have to apply my knowledge to complete the solving process myself. In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be listing the best math solver apps for Android.

List of the Best Math Solver Apps for Android

1. Photomath


Photomath is one of the most downloaded math solver apps you can use to solve maths on your Android device, this app works amazingly and if you’re a college student or you find yourself in higher institutions, this app will help make solving maths very easy for you.

Photomath works offline and doesn’t need internet connections before you can use it, and it also has different equations saved in it, so when you take a picture of that equation you can’t solve, it will solve it for you. Photomath will solve equations for you and it will also explain how that equation is being solved in case you want to solve it all by yourself next time.

Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Price: Free+

2. Mathway


Mathway is another awesome math solver app for Android users, you can use this app to solve some of the most difficult algebra equations you don’t understand, it’s a very simple app to use and it also allows you to snap the equations with your camera or you type them in manually with your fingers. If you’re having hard times with math, this app will come to your rescue when you need it to.

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Mathway has many features you’ll benefit from, but it’s different from Photomath which will show the process it uses in solving equations for free. You’ll have to pay before you can see step to step guides on how equations are being saved on Mathway, it’s one of the best math solver apps for Android.

Mathway: Scan Photos, Solve Problems
Mathway: Scan Photos, Solve Problems

3. Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator is another math solver app that focuses on helping users solve algebra and calculus, this app has some of the most advanced scientific calculator symbols, you can use it to solve any math that seems difficult to you, it’s a very good app and very easy to use as well. Graphing Calculator makes probability and statistics very easy, you can always use it to solve both math topics.

Graphing Calculator is one of the best math solver apps for Android users, it has 2 types, one comes with ADS and the other is the pro version that has no ADS, but using AD blocker apps will help you get rid of ADS in the free version of Graphing Calculator.

4. GeoGebra Classic

GeoGebra Classic - math solver app for android

GeoGebra Classic is one of the math solver apps out there to learn graphing, geometry, 3D, spreadsheets, computer algebra and probability and these topics will be explained in a very simple way that’ll even make the worst math student understand what he/she is being taught. This app has a lot of tools that’ll help you in solving graphs, geometry or even spreadsheet. There is a lot you can do with this app, it’s very convenient to use.

GeoGebra Classic is an app you should use for any graph equations you don’t understand, it also helps in other topics as well. The best way to get the better of this app is when you use it on a tablet device because it supports a widescreen device. If you’re looking for one of the best math solver apps for Android, you should try getting GeoGebra Classic.

GeoGebra Classic
GeoGebra Classic
Developer: GeoGebra
Price: Free

5. MalMath

MalMath - math solver app for android

MalMath is the perfect math solver app you need to solve maths on your Android device, this app works offline and it will help you solve math topics like Integrals, Derivatives, Limits, Trigonometry, Logarithms, Equations, Algebra and it also offers step by step description and this will let you see how an equation is being solved. MalMath is very easy to use and also gives a straightforward understanding of how it solves equations.

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You can make a graphical analysis of equations or use the highlight features for a better understanding of how equations are being solved. There is a lot you can do with this app, it’s one of the best math solver apps for Android users.

MalMath: Step by step solver
MalMath: Step by step solver
Developer: MalMath-app
Price: Free+

6. Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator - math solver app for android

Scientific Calculator by Stephens software is one of the best calculator apps to solve maths on your Android device, this app has all the tools you need to solve any type of equation you want to solve on your Android device, with Scientific Calculator you can do the following Graph implicit equations in 2 and 3 dimensions. e.g. x²+y²+z²=5². Graph inequalities in 2 dimensions. e.g. 2x+5y<20. Graph functions of a complex variable. polar, spherical and cylindrical graphs. Intersections on 2D graphs. conversion between decimal and exact(surd, fraction, Pi) answers. indices and roots. logarithms base 10, e (natural logarithm) and n. trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and their inverses. Vector and scalar product. Numerical integration. Double integrals and triple integrals on your Android device.

It’s one of the best math solver app for Android users, it works perfectly and solving maths with this app is easy.

Scientific Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Developer: Philip Stephens
Price: Free+


With the apps listed above, you can reduce the time you spend on solving that equation that seems difficult, you can use these math solver apps as a second brain to make solving maths very easy for you. These apps will help solve maths when you scan the equations you want to solve via your Android device camera. However, always have it in mind that sometimes apps like Photomath do not give accurate answers. Like I said they do not provide accurate solutions, hence you must apply your knowledge to balance it.

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  1. Hey Grimes! You have gathered a stunning list of math solver apps for android devices. I liked your list very much not just because it’s helpful for students but it’s helpful to software developers too because they need math in algorithms sometimes. Thanks for sharing this and I will share this article with my developer friends.


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