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MediaTek Introduces Two Latest Gaming Chipsets

MediaTek launches a chipset that focuses on mobile gaming, Helio G70 and Helio G80. Keep reading to learn more about the Helio G70 and Helio G80.

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MediaTek launches a chipset that focuses on mobile gaming, Helio G70 and Helio G80.

The latest G Series chipset is claimed to bring HyperEngine gaming technology, advanced multi-camera and unmatched connectivity to play games without interruption.

Helio G70 and Helio G80 are intended for smartphone users and new premium game enthusiasts who want high-end features at a medium price.

This brand-new chipset will empower major smartphone brands that will first enter the mobile market, later this month.

Along with improvements to HyperEngine mobile gaming, this chipset offers an unmatched smartphone experience, such as integrated Voice on Wakeup (VoW), advanced multi-camera photography and faster overall performance.

“The smartphone game market is growing, and the new G series chipset from MediaTek presents power, performance and game features that allow device makers to innovate and meet consumer gaming demands,” Yenchi Lee, Assistant General Manager of Wireless Business Unit MediaTek said in a press release.

“The G series chipset has an impressive combination of hardware and software to optimize performance, provide exceptional image quality, play smooth games and ensure uninterrupted connectivity for dedicated gamers,” he added.

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Built on a 12nm process, MediaTek Helio G70 and Helio G80 have two Cortex A-75 Arm CPUs that operate up to 2GHz, plus six Cortex-A55 CPUs that operate up to 1.8GHz to improve single and multicore performance.

To play games, the efficient and high-performance Arm Mali-G52 class graphics processor operates at 820MHz for the Helio G70 chipset and a 15 percent increase to 950MHz for the Helio G80, increasing peak performance and ensuring a very responsive user experience.

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  1. Mediatek helio G70 is just excellent. Makes gaming look so easy with the powerful CPU and the Hyperengine technology.

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