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Microsoft Prepares Windows For Foldable Devices

Windows will also be able to run on foldable devices in the future. Microsoft is working hard to develop this technology.

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The foldable touchscreen seems to be the trend of 2019. Smartphone manufacturers are busy putting their first foldable devices ready for sale. Technology giant Microsoft is also preparing its operating system Windows for foldable screens and devices with two displays that report sources from The Verge.

Not only is Windows heavily tinkering with Windows and all related programs, but the Surface hardware from the Microsoft factories will also be equipped with folding and dual displays in the future. In addition, Microsoft is working with Intel to ensure that all technology for this screens revolution is perfect.

In addition, there is visible evidence that Windows is being modified to also work with these new screens. For example, on the Twitter account BuildFeed, a build of Windows 10 can be seen with the name rs_shell_devices_foldables. This indicates that a team has been assigned to develop software for folding screens.

It is no surprise that Microsoft is working on such software and hardware. Among other things, Google is also busy to build support for foldable screens in its operating system Android. We are already curious about the first working devices with this new type of screen!

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