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How To Use The New MTN Free Browsing With Psiphon Handler VPN And SAS

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MTN is rocking entirely free on Psiphon Handler and Simple Android Server with N0.00 zero naira on Android phones and PC, thanks to McEinstein; an ardent NKH reader for alerting the house on these working trick. In this post, let’s quickly see how to use the new mtn free browsing with Psiphon handler VPN and SAS.



Follow the steps accordingly to correctly set-up Psiphon handler app..

STEP 1: Phone Settings

  • APN:
  • APN TYPE: supl, default
  • Proxy: leave empty
  • Port: leave empty

STEP 2: Psiphon Settings

1. Launch your Psiphon Handler
2. Input these settings

  • Proxy type: REAL HOST
  • Proxy server: or http://[email protected] or [email protected] or
  • Real proxy type: DEFAULT
  • Real proxy port: 80
  • Click on SAVE

3. Click on server region and select UNITED STATES

4. Click more options and tick HTTP and input any of these in your

  • PORT: 8080

5. Now click on the start button and kindly wait for the Psiphon to connect.

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Simple Android Server V4.0.0 Settings For The New MTN Free Unlimited Browsing

STEP 1: Phone Settings

  • APN:
  • APN TYPE: supl, default
  • Proxy: leave empty
  • Port: leave empty

STEP 2: Simple Android Server Settings

  • Open your Simple Android Server v4 (Download from playstore)
  • Click set connection mode and select VPN mode
  • Click connection settings and in proxy host and port input And 8080
  • Tick enable header tweaking
  • In tweak type select host replacement
  • Injection host:
  • Start your VPN mode and enjoy the amazing speed.


Step 1

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Download and run Simple server on PC (Click here to download)

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Step 2

Configure simple server with the settings below by editing the .INI file in it.

  • LHOST = ‘’
  • IMETHOD = 0
  • ISPLIT = 0
  • RHTTP = 0
  • TIMEOUT = 60
  • PHOST = ‘’
  • RQUERY = ”
  • RPATH = 0
  • PTYPE = 0
  • KEEP = ”
  • BQUERY = ”
  • MQUERY = ”
  • RHTTPS = 1
  • PPORT = 8080
  • LPORT = 8080
  • VALHDR0 = ‘’
  • VALHDR1 = ”
  • VALHDR2 = ”
  • VALHDR3 = ”
  • IQUERY = ‘’
  • ADMODE = 0
  • CQUERY = ”
  • CUSHDR2 = ”
  • CUSHDR3 = ”
  • CUSHDR0 = ”
  • CUSHDR1 = ”
  • ILINE = 0
  • FQUERY = ”
  • SBUFF = 1024
  • RPORT = 0

Step 3

Browser setting; configure your browsers with the Proxy and port below

  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

NB: If you experience problems in connecting it, simply turn off and on data two or more times.

Having issues settings this up or are you new to simple server and co?, The comment box is open for questions below. Enjoy while it last

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