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MTN VTU Alias Number: Top Up Airtime & Data On Paga, Quick Teller etc

MTN VTU Alias Number: How it works & how to get VTU Alias. See how to generate an VTU alias for data & airtime top-up in Nigeria on Paga, Quick Teller, etc

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Have you heard of MTN VTU Alias Number? What is VTU Alias Number?

If you haven’t, I can honestly tell you that you’re living in the shadows! MTN VTU Alias Number is a new means of recharging or topping-up data and airtime via VTU service in Nigeria.

I am sure this is quite some complicated stuff, well; that’s why you have me. I’ll break down what MTN VTU Alias Number mean and how it works.

To those constantly using the VTU service on MTN network through ATM, Paga, Quick Teller and other similar services, this post is for you. Here is everything you need to know about MTN VTU Alias Number in Nigeria.

MTN VTU Alias Number: How it works and how to get your VTU Alias.

MTN VTU Alias Number
What is MTN VTU Alias Number?

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With MTN VTU Alias Number, customers can now top up their data or airtime without having to give out their phone numbers. They only need an alias that will be substituted for their phone number.

This alias cannot be called or texted, it a generic number used instead of your mobile number during VTU Top-up on services such as ATMs, Paga etc.

How do I get my MTN VTU Alias Number?

  1. Dial *323# on your registered MTN line to generate a VTU Alias Number.
  2. Select one (1) to create an alias. (This number will be generated once and used anytime you’re prompted for a VTU number)
  3. You would receive a confirmation SMS with your alias number created.
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Things to note about MTN VTU Alias Number.

  • It can only be generate once, no need to regenerate upon every VTU request.
  • If you’ve forgotten your VTU Alias Number, dial *323# » select “view” to retrieve your alias number.
  • This number is a substitute for your original phone number.
  • It can be used on all VTU platforms (ATM, Paga, Quick Teller, etc.) in Nigeria. Simply use your alias number instead of a phone number.
  • It’s an 11 digit code not reachable by SMS or call.

Now that things are done smarter and easily, I get this as a welcome development in Nigeria. Don’t waste time, if you’re a VTU patroniser… Quickly get your VTU Alias Number as fast as possible.

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