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NTel 4G Network | Mixed Reaction By Concerned Customers

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Ntel finally commenced its 4G LTE services here in Nigeria in April but with lots of failed promises now in May.  They have haven’t started distribution of sim for subscribers here in Lagos which really baffles me. The SIMs have been rolled out in Abuja but left every other states wanting.

Starting a business in Nigeria without starting up first in Lagos is very questionable though it’s not a criteria for success. However, it would have been a sign to have the intent of satisfying more customers, reaching out to majority of the masses in Nigeria.

NTEL 4G Network
Ntel Sim Collection Center | Abuja

Moving away from not spreading its SIM in Lagos to an entirely different promise not reached. People in PH (Port Harcourt) are yet to smell Ntel, even after they promised to spread their wings across the far east and some other states across Nigeria.

Still talking about failed promise, some customers voiced their anger on the newest 4G telecommunication company and their recent dealings….

See what they said on Ntel official Facebook page..

Gamaliel Olayiwola said…

Well …. It seems harsh to rate them with a star, but honestly I would have preferred no star at all. The website has no information whatsoever concerning expected sale of Sim cards or tariff plans ( the plans going round the social media is way too exploitative to even consider). Having said that  …. I hope they seriously consider the harsh realities of our society. Cheers

NTEL 4G Network customer review
Customer review comment on Facebook | Ntel

Christopher Iroanya said…

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They deserve no star.

I am one of the unfortunate ones that bought the ntel SIM and it has never worked reasons given now there never conveyed initially.

As far as I am consign they have started on a very wrong footing, which has left me with plenty puzzling questions. To mention a few:
1. Why roll out with no network (3G – 4G) integration plan?
2. Why roll out without understanding the market – Who are your target market?
3. Why must I buy a new phone (4G) to access your network?
4. Why Roll out without startup plan for voice service?
5. Your customer service agent (both on phone and in your centers) have no good products/services knowledge.

NTEL 4G Network Customer Review
Customer review comment on Facebook | Ntel

Francis Njoku said…

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Seems the company did not carry out sufficient feasibility before announcing roll out date. No action, no ads, no offices, no outlets, just nothing except graveyard silence. People who have reserved numbers can’t redeem their numbers. The scanty areas covered so far give little hope that the company is serious.

Amin Kabir said…

Ntel seems to seem to have the right ideas and ambitions of bringing broad band to Nigeria.
BUT……they are lacking in so many aspects in terms of getting people informed about their services.
On the web site so far there is only the option to register your sim, and a little bit of general information about the company. Disgracefully vague for such a big company.
What about a little info about when devices for connectivity will be available. Routers, and MIFI for people who don’t have LTE phones.
I personally have my sim in the drawer waiting for me to get a 4G capable router.
I am not willing to buy a 4g LTE phone for my ntel sim.
I am not blaming ntel for my lack of 4G phone, because they did warn me that I needed to have a compatible phone when I went to pick up my sim.
Still ntel……..step up your game. You are playing with the big boys now. MORE DETAILED INFO ABOUT ALL YOUR PLANS FOR US.

NTEL 4G Network customer reviews
Customer review comment on Facebook | Ntel

Banjul Timi said…

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When are you idiots coming to lagos?
Imagine launching with fanfare and restricting service only to Abuja.
You guys are bunch of clowns
And I was hoping , now we have a company that will take on the already established telcos.
In fact the other companies should go back to sleep, there is no competition here.

Click here to drop reviews on their Facebook page.

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Ntel 4G services is cool, but I think they started on the wrong note. No ads, no distribution centers, their official website doesn’t hold enough resourceful information about their services and whoever is behind their social media accounts is on a very long deep sleep. They are not releasing vital information enough all you get is reoccurring posts. I can’t but laugh, Are they trying to surprise us, someone should tell Ntel to start telling us what we need to know.

Here are my questions…

1. When is Ntel SIM distribution kicking off in Lagos?

2. Will you provide affordable data plans for the average Nigerian?

3. Why are you withholding information from us?

4. When will you start spreading your tentacles across other states in Nigeria and not just Abuja?

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