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Airtel Night Plans | Latest Airtel Hourly And SmartTRYBE Unlimited Night Plans

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All these Internet Service Providers be like devil, “serves you with right hand, then collect with left hand”. We can all testify to the unlimited Airtel Night plans that was blocked last month, this isn’t just some cruel attitude but unjustifiably wicked from them!

The Airtel Night Plans were discontinued without prior notice, another plan emerged which allows users to enjoy unlimited browsing for 1 hour with only N100 and 2 hours with N200 (Now ₦25 for 500Mb and ₦200 for 1.5GB). Airtel have actually changed these plans, they modified the prices abrupt manner. You will now get 3 hours for N1000 and not N200.

However, they secretly introduced another plan that relieves us the whole burden of spending 1k in 3 hours.

You can now get unlimited browsing for 1 hour @ N100 and 2 hours @ N200. See subscription details below for all Airtel Unlimited Night Plans.

Click here for latest update on Airtel Night Plans.



Step 1

To use the night plan, you have to be registered on the SmartTRYBE plan, so to migrate dial 3121#.

Step 2

  • To Opt-in for the 1hr N100 (Updated: ₦25 for 500MB) plan, dial *312*3#
  • To Opt-in for the 2hr N200 (Updated: ₦200 for 1.5GB) plan, dial *312*4#

Validity; The Airtel Night Plans can be used between 11PM – 6AM, unlike MTN N25 for 500MB night browsing that only restricts you to 12AM – 4AM.

NB: You CAN’t resubscribe when your time elapse within the required time.

NIGHT PLAN 2 | N1000 For 3 Hours

Step 1

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Recharge your phone with N1000 (1K)

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Step 2

Dial 4812 to subscribe for unlimited 3 hrs plan.

Step 3

Switch on your data and start browsing.

Validity: Valid between the hours of 12AM & 5AM.

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Dial *481# for more cheaper hourly night plans. Also, this plan works perfectly on all device, PC, Android, iOS and more can enjoy without further complicated configuration.

Prof Advice: I recommended these plans for those that wants to download heavy file, Torrents, movies, PC updates and more. Be warned that they are highly addictive.

Remember, this plan is time based, don’t spend time searching for files to download, do that right before subscribing for the plan then follow the procedures below…

If you intend to download via Torrent downloader such as utorrent for instance;

  • Stack up whatever file you intend to download using your normal data (make sure you pause them)
  • Subscribe to the plan.
  • After activation, switch on data » Go to download manager  » then continue download
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Don’t get too excited, be wise and don’t get addicted to it. They are only there to ease the pressure off your monthly plan. Click here to find a suitable monthly plan for browsing and you can also check out the best weekend plans on all networks.

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