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6 Best Online Antivirus Scanner Websites (2023)

This article contains a list of the best online virus scanner websites that you can use for detecting malware and virus online for free.

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Using any of the best online antivirus scanner websites, you won’t always depend on offline antivirus software to scan files and folders for malware on your Windows or macOS PC.

When it comes to scanning computers for viruses, malware or any trojan infections, we all know that the native way is via an antivirus app. If you check the Windows PC, you’ll find different antivirus software for Windows and other related OS. Most software works offline but how about an online antivirus that’ll scan files for you and give real-time scan results?

Rather than thinking of the possibilities, we’ve made a list here for you at NaijaKnowHow. And if you’re reading this article, you’ll get to discover the best online antivirus scanner websites you can use on your PC and even on smartphones.

List of The Best Online Antivirus Scanner Websites

Below is a comprehensive list of websites that’ll let you scan files and folders online in order to be sure there’s no virus or any form of infection on the files. These websites can be used for free and some of them aren’t free.

1. Jotti’s Malware Scan

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Jotti’s Malware Scan

Jotti’s Malware Scan is a website you can use to scan malware from files. This website is powered by a powerful antivirus API and it does a great job of scanning for viruses on any files. Jotti’s Malware Scan is free and there are no payments attached to using this online scanner, you can only scan a single file on this website, it’s very fast and it gives accurate results from scans made.

The best way to enjoy Jotti’s services is when you scan executable files, it’s perfect for scanning software. This website is a good online scanner for malware and other viral infections that could potentially harm a computer system.

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2. Virus Total

best online antivirus scanner

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Virus Total is very popular and it is an online scanner with a track record for scanning and detecting malware from bulky files, this online scanner can scan any type of file and the best feature of Virus Total is that you can also scan websites for viruses and it does that with just a simple URL of the website and it does the rest.

Using Virus Total is very easy, you can scan any file or folder for a virus, it can detect any form of virus and malware, it gives accurate results and most scans that are being carried out by Virus Total are backed by other antivirus scanners, Virus Total is one of the best online antivirus scanner websites you can use to scan malware online.

3. Metadefender


An online virus scanner with robust features is Metadefender, this website has a great tool and there’s nothing you can’t scan on Metadefender as long as there’s a presence of a virus on what you want to scan. This website is very good for scanning websites, files, and IP addresses. It’s also good for scanning hash, CVE and a lot more.

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Metadefender is very good for multiple scanning, you can scan more than one website, files and other scannable items at once. It’s a simple website you can find your way around, it’s one of the best out there, it does have paid features but the free version is good enough to detect malware.

4. Internxt


Internxt has a strong virus scanner and that’s why it’s one of the best websites to scan for viruses online, if you’ve downloaded a file or folder online and you suspect that there’s a virus on it, you can easily scan it on Internxt and it works really fast. This website has a great scanner that’ll scan files like PDFs, it’s good for scanning other documents and you can use it for images as well.

Scanning on Internxt is free, it’s one of the best online antivirus scanner websites, you can scan on Internxt without any issues, and the website has a clean interface. Another good reason for using Internxt is that you can upload files of up to 1GB and it’ll scan them all without any delays.

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5. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal is another top website you can use for scanning viruses and malware files online, why you’ll love to use this website is that it scans for viruses based on one’s IP addresses and if the detected virus on your file is familiar, it’ll show you a list of countries with similar malware.

You can scan files, and websites and also look up IP addresses on Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal, for uploading files on this website, you’re only limited to just 250MB of file upload. But aside from that file upload limit, you’re not limited to the services of the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal.

6. Dr. Web

best online antivirus scanner

Scanning files to see if they’re made with viruses or partially corrupted is one of the core features of Dr. Web, although you’re only limited to scanning files of up to 10MB on Dr. Web, it has a strong scanner and even if your antivirus software on your PC doesn’t detect any virus or malware, Dr. Web scanner will detect it for you.

Dr. Web works perfectly and the only downside of this website is the limitations of file size that can be uploaded, but aside from that. Dr. Web is a great online antivirus scanner and it’s one of the best you can use at any time.


Overall, these are the best online antivirus scanner websites, these online scanners will help you scan and detect malware online without depending on offline Antivirus software.

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