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7 Best Online Logo Maker Websites in 2023

Looking for websites to create beautiful and professional logos? Here's a list of the best online logo maker websites to create logos online.

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With the best online logo maker websites, these days you don’t even need to worry about using any graphic design software to create a logo or even contemplating which logo maker app you should use.

There were times when creating a logo was solely dependent on software like Photoshop, Corel Draw and its alternatives. But this day it’s quite different and even without any sophisticated software, you can still create amazing logos for your business or even your website or any brand of such.

We’ve seen a lot of online logo makers that’ll let you create amazing logos and if you’re reading this article on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll get to know about the best online logo maker websites that’ll let you create nice logos while using your smartphone or computer.

List of The Best Online Logo Maker Websites

Creating logos online has been made easy with these websites, they all offer free tools that’ll let you create beautiful logos, some of these websites are free and some do require payment but only if you’ll like to use more sophisticated tools or templates.

1. Canva – canva.com

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best online logo maker

One of the most popular graphic design tools in the world is Canva, it has a mobile app that will let you create designs such as posters, logos, flyers and so on directly from your Android or iOS device. Its web version also does the same job and if you’ll like to create logos from a website, Canva is one of the perfect tools you can use.

There are plenty of features you’ll find on Canva, you’ll be able to explore a lot of predesigned templates and layouts, and there are stock images and icons you can use. Canva web version has a simple interface that makes drag and drop easy, you can export different image formats such as PNG, JPG and so on. Canva is free and it also comes with some premium elements as well.

2. DesignEvo – designevo.com


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When it comes to creating logos online, one of the best online logo design tools that you can use to create custom logos for your brand and business is DesignEvo. This website is top-notch and while it does have paid features, some of its free features are okay enough to get a perfect logo done. DesignEvo offers features like pre-designed logos and layouts, it has over 10,000 icons and shapes.

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It is also very easy to design on this website even if it’s your first time, the drag-and-drop interface is one of the best, you can apply colours, and change texts and it has a variety of fonts as well. One more reason why you’ll love DesignEvo is that you can create and save multiple versions of a single design, that’s why it’s one of the best online logo maker websites out there.

3. Logomaker by VistaPrint – vistaprint.com/logomaker

best online logo maker

One of the best ways to create a logo online as an inexperienced person is by using Logomaker by VistaPrint, unlike some websites where you’ll have to start it all from scratch, on VistaPrint, you only need to enter your business name, keywords and wait for the AI to generate the perfect logo for you.

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On the other hand, you can as well create your own logo by selecting from any of the pre-built logos, there are different templates, icons and also varieties of fonts you can use on this online logo maker, it’s one of the best out there.

4. Adobe Express – adobe.com/express/create/logo

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a free online logo maker from Adobe, this website is perfect for any form of logo creation and one of the best features about it is that it is completely free and there are no hidden charges on Adobe Express. Adobe Express is perfect for editing photos and that’s one of the good things it’s known for.

There are different features you’ll find on Adobe Express, it has a smooth interface for easy drag-and-drop, you can use pre-designed templates, you can upload images and it also allows users to access and edit photos stored in the creative cloud.

5. Placeit – placeit.net/logo-maker


Another online logo maker on the list is Placeit, it is a website where you’ll find varieties of pre-designed logos, video templates and mockups, this website offers a free way to create logo designs either from scratch or by giving you a template to use. Getting started on this website is pretty simple, you can enter your business name and a logo will be created for you.

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The web interface is very clean, you can also import your own icons, and images and even make custom backgrounds. Placeit is an amazing online tool to create a logo, all the features it offers have made it one of the best online logo maker websites out there.

6. Looka – looka.com

best online logo maker

Being able to generate logos online is one of the key features of Looka, Looka makes it easy to create and design logos for business and personal use. You’ll also find elegant pre-designed logos on this website and it has some of the best tools to create a perfect logo for one’s needs. This website is one of the best out there and it’s very easy to use, it has different numbers of free tools and working with them comes with no limits.

Looka is very easy to use, it’s one of the best online logo maker websites and while it does have some premium features, you might not need to worry about that because there’s no limit to the type of logo designs you can make with its free version.

7. Wix Logo Maker – wix.com/logo/maker

Wix Logo Maker

Wix is very popular for creating websites, and it’s also popular for logo creation, on the website, you have two options to create a logo, option one is to create the logo yourself, while the other one is to hire a professional designer to create your logo for you. Its free logo maker is very easy to use but you might be limited to using some robust features on it.

Wx logo Maker has pre-build designs, you can select from thousands of icons, custom images and layouts, and you can also explore its colour database. If you want to design logos online, this is one of the best websites you can use.


Overall, these are the best online logo maker websites you can use to create beautiful and professional-looking logos for your brand or business. These websites are free but certain features do require payments, but overall, they’re all optional.

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