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Opinion Poll: GSM Tax Bill In Nigeria, Yah Or Nay?

Months ago, I read thoroughly through papers on the proposed GSM tax bill newly submitted by NCC & the President. Beyond doubts, I fathomed what it was all about but I had to spill my humble opinion on this.

This is what I asked myself, for what purpose? GSM tax bill in Nigeria, does it mean we’ve not been paying VAT on recharge cards?!

President Muhammadu Buhari and NCC (National Communications Commissioned) have submitted a “GSM Bill” to the National Assembly that looks certain to be approved.

The said bill will empower the federal government of Nigeria to impose an unavoidable 9% tax on calls, text and data packages if this bill is passed into law.

Literally, what this means is, if you load a recharge voucher of N100, N9 will be deducted instantly or if N1000, N90 will be deducted for tax.

I understood where they stand, from their perspective.. to generate more revenue, to bloom Nigeria’s economy, but do they remember Nigeria as a country is a full grown corrupt nation. Even after they had promised us CHANGE, all I see is decadence. Perhaps, the real problem isn’t passing this bill into law but, aren’t Nigerians are already paying for taxes using mobile phone networks?

Behind every recharge voucher you purchase, I think there is a part that displays “VAT” or “Value Added Tax” being paid for already.

What then is the 9% GSM tax bill for?

Is there something I’m not seeing! Maybe you can point it out via the comment box. I fear for this country, things aren’t easy for the masses out there. This is just another way to completely milk the people only trying survive through economising. So it’s a NAY for me!

On this note, I think I will have to leave the comment section for public opinions, what are your stakes on this beautiful hardship we’re going through in Nigeria and the inclusion of the GSM tax bill (if passed into law)??? Is it a YAH or NAY?

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  1. Its a total rip off by the Nigerian Govt. We should stand up now and use the social platforms to stop them b4 they pass it into law simply because the deduction will be shared by a few in power at the end of day and not for the greater good of Nigerians.

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