See The Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology On Relationships(Summary Of NKH Reader’s Opinion)


Technology and love are two varying words with very minimal similarities, even though we all know how much technological products have affected relationship(love) in various aspect, both positively and negatively.

Before the advent of technology we all knew its was really difficult to make relationship work, both party comes together heads on just to make it work.. Letters writing, sending flowers, and many more were practices that had lived way longer than myself. On arrival of technology, relationship have been influenced both positively and negatively. Social media platforms and many more have tampered with how it use to be.

In this post contains a seriously well summarize views of NKH READERS on the positive and negative effects of technology on relationships.

Thankgod, thinks in general technology has made a positive impact though people tend to abuse it,  he stated that; with social media you don’t need to go around telling people that you are in a relationship with a person, just a post on Facebook and the likes tagging your lover helps to create an impression of “I’M IN A RELATIONSHIP, BACK OFF!”, so every 3rd party can make way.

2. Communication Made Easy (Brings You Closer To Your Boo)

“Technology has made it easy to communicate even when far away, there is no need to wait for weeks for your letters to get posted anymore”, said Walexy.

Communication has truly been changed by technology, there are so many instant messaging apps that should get this done for you at ease, so there is no need to go ‘old skool’ method of communicating. With you sitted in your abode, you can send in messages at your finger tip, phone your partner when needed coupled with unlimited video calling to even bring you more close.

3. Very Few Invest In Their Relationship

Technology has made things very elementary. In the past, painstaking attempts were made to keep a relationship spicy and loving. But, with the World Wide Web, you can simply sit in the comfort of your room chatting with your partner.

Both of you may not even see each other for months. Why should you see each other when both of you are already having fun on WhatsApp? Source: lifestylenaija


1. Takes You Further Away

On a contrary to point 2 above, “While technology takes you closer to people far away, it also takes u further away from does right there with you!” – Walexy. What this man is trying to say is, when keeping a relationship, technological product can serve as a big distraction and tend to rip a relationship apart. For instance, a person can get the axe for not paying so much attention to her lover because he has chosen to spend time with friends playing PlayStation games. Hilarious but true, don’t let these side distractions distabilize your relationship for no good reason. When your lover choose to be right next to you, put aside anything that can disrupt the relationship.

2. Blind Dates

As much as technology brings about improved and better relationship, it also brings this abnormal kind of relationship know as the BLIND DATE. This type of relationship are based on social media obsession, having this senseless crush on one another, it carries so many problems along with it in the sense that, you’re having an affair that could end up null! You don’t even know if the person is real or you’re being scammed or fooled.

3. Cheating & Breakup

In the advent of technology, the growth of extra marital affairs, having side baes and guys is the order of the day. The questions is why? Having technological products such as mobile phones will only help to increase this madness but destroy so many relationship.

A couple of time, a cheating partner have been caught in the act via these gadgets through the means of video and voice recording, text messages and IM chat histories etc, you’d be slightly lucky to get away cheating.

4. Unhealthy Relationships

Strong blind dates can lead to unhealthy relationships, i.e, “Dating someone whom you’ve never seen may promote the attitude sharing nud€ photos, having video chats that include nudit¥ thereby encouraging ma$turbation.” – Harrison. All as a result of exposure to technology.

In conclusion: I think technology generally plays a vital role in revitalising our failing relationships, it is adviceable to hold onto the positive part and ensure we stay away from the dangers technology pose on our love life.

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