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5 Things You Can Do With Your Old And Unwanted Tech

While most consumers are well accustomed to recycling household items such as glass or plastic, fewer are familiar with how to recycle their technology. Here are five things you can do with your old and unwanted tech.

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While most consumers are well accustomed to recycling household items such as glass or plastic, fewer are familiar with how to recycle their technology, often choosing to take a strenuous trip to the local tip instead. Some may opt to sell old tech, an option less feasible for more heavy duty, ‘worn’ appliances, such as ovens or dishwashers.

On average, it is estimated that only around 20% percent of electronic or appliance waste is recycled, so is taking your unwanted goods to landfill really the best option?

1. Recycle in store

There is a lesser known alternative, with tech companies such as Currys PC World now providing extensive recycling services to help recycle as much as 65,000 tonnes of electrical waste per year.

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You can simply pop into your local Currys store with your unwanted electronics, it can be anything from a toaster to a TV, and it will be recycled it free of charge.

2. Recycle at the same time as purchasing a new appliance

It is probably more likely, however, that you are looking to dispose of an old device because it has seen better days and thus you might be looking for a replacement. This means you could kill two birds with one stone, as many companies – including Apple – offer a ‘trade-in’ service through which they can take items after delivering a new appliance.

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old washing machine

This service is not limited to small items, you can also recycle gas and electric hobs, washing machines and tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and ovens. It is important to note however that the removal of large appliances may incur a charge, and the appliances should be disconnected from any kitchen or utility units prior to removal. If you wish to have a small appliance removed upon delivery of a new one, this is free of charge.

3. Trade in:

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Alternatively, you could trade in an old laptop or phone and get money off a new one. There isn’t a problem with removal with smaller pieces of tech, such as phones and laptops, as you can just take them with you to trade in. Just remember to wipe your data.

This would only be an option, however, if your device is in good working order. For example, some companies require a laptop to have an operating system such as Windows, it must also have a charger and a battery and it must not be password locked.

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4. Collection by local council

There is also the option of arranging for collection of your unwanted larger appliances via collection by your local town or city council. The conditions and procedure vary from borough to borough, so be sure to search for information applicable to your area. Normally, you will be asked to place the unwanted appliance in an accessible and safe place, and they are usually collected at an allotted time in the morning.

5. Donate

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Lastly, if you think your item could be re-used you may instead choose to donate.

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So now you know, scrap is not the only option and there are many excellent alternatives to landfill, some of which could even earn you some cash back to put toward a new gadget.

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